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netpbm 11.55 svn revision 1543

August 14, 2011 — BarryK
Netpbm is a collection of CLI (commandline, can be used in scripts) utilities for manipulating images. A subset of the full package has been in Puppy almost from the beginning.

The maintainer of Netpbm is Bryan Henderson, and I have been communicating with him with a view to enhance the utilities to perform a png overlay function, as we currently do with Vovchik's 'pngoverlay'. There were some iterations, but the latest in SVN, revision 1543, works beautifully.

I'll post about png overlay soon, for now, here is the PET (324KB):

...compiled in Wary, but should work in all puppies.

Netpbm home:
User Manual:
Documentation on the utilities:


problem with netpbm
Username: 01micko
Slacko Beta 1 uses this and there are reports of missing menu icons. I have confirmed this and that rolling back netpbm fixes it

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