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Pmusic 1.8.3

August 05, 2011 — BarryK
I have upgraded zigbert's great audio player, see forum:

The only thing that I changed was one line in '' needs relative paths so as to work when the PET is installed in Woof.

Uploaded PET (73KB):


Username: zigbert
I wonder, is there a way to make a pinstall script that would work both in woof and when upgrading an already installed Pmusic... or installing to a Puppy without Pmusic? Sigmund

Re script
Username: BarryK
"zigbert, The pinstall script works in both cases, in Woof and in a running Puppy system. All you have to know is that you don't put an absolute path, for example instead of /usr/lib/, you put usr/lib/ (or ./usr/lib/ This works in both cases. As far as upgrading an existing Pmusic, usually you don't have to do anything special. But, in case you do, well, you can put anything that you require into Note, the script is a post-install script, so acts on the files after they have been installed. You will notice that I sometimes put a test if [ "`pwd`" = "/" ];then ...that is when I want to do something different depending on whether the package is being installed in Woof or a running Puppy. The above test would be true if a running Puppy.

Re script
Username: zigbert
"Thank you Barry I will update my Sigmund

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