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PNG wallpaper

August 31, 2011 — BarryK
Up until now, the images in /usr/share/backgrounds had to be JPG. Woof script '3builddistro' asks you to choose which one you want as default, and renames it to 'default.jpg'.

ROX-Filer is started in /root/.xinitrc and uses /root/Choices/ROX-Filer/PuppyPin to define various things on the desktop, including background which is set as "default.jpg".

/root/.xinitrc also executes /usr/sbin/background_reshape, which defaults to operate on /usr/share/backgrounds/default.jpg, cropping it top and bottom for a widescreen.

I have modified Woof '3builddistro' to change the name to 'default.png' if a PNG image is chosen as default, and to modify 'PuppyPin' accordingly. Script 'background_reshape' now recognises either default.jpg or default.png.


Rox Does Not Need All This

Resize versus stretch
Username: BarryK
"We have many wallpapers where the proportions are important, especially those that have a Puppy logo in them. It looks unprofessional when the logo is distorted on a widescreen. There is nothing wrong with the various background chooser apps. That is not what I posted about. My post is explanation for those who use Woof, it is about what happens when the Woof scripts build a Puppy, and what happens with the default background at first boot. Of course wallpaper and Pwallpaper can display whatever image you select.

copy instead of rename?
Username: scsijon
"wouldn't it be better to have it copy the selected background to default.jpg/png instead of renaming? Plus marking the selected one to be included. This would allow changes and change back without having to hunt for a copy from elsewhere. just a thought

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