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Science Fiction

August 23, 2011 — BarryK
Lobster found this:

Fascinating! I love SciFi. I enjoy settling down in the evening with a SciFi book ...if anyone has surplus SciFi books that they don't want, I want them! I'll pay for the postage.

I inherited this from my dad. He had a collection, and I read every one. He subscribed to a couple of the short-story paperback monthlies of the time. He doesn't have those anymore, I never asked him what happened to them.

I do however have a few of his old books, for example "Adventures in Time and Space" published in 1946.

In a couple of years I will get rid of them, as I will probably be moving to a small unit, and will sell or give them away. If anyone wants to stake a claim on them, let me know!


Second Hand Books
Username: Dave B
Hi Barry, If you do ever give your books away can I ask you to keep in mind the UNICEF annual Save The Children Fund Book Sales held right here in WA. They are always on the hunt for books. The University Branch book sale is currently running (today is half price day) and when I was there Saturday they had a large selection of SciFi all at very low prices. The South of the River Branch will be holding their sale in late September at Cannington. Lots of good stuff all very cheap and all in a good cause. Even more SciFi for your buck.

If you like SF
Username: borgbucolc
"You should try: This publisher releases its old books on the web, some are still being printed. All SF and they come in a variety of formats including document files.

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