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SimpleGTK theme maker 0.7b

August 03, 2011 — BarryK
I have added SimpleGTK 0.7b to the 'common' repo. This is a simple little GUI utility created by stu09, using 'yad':

I tweaked the 'pet.specs' file slightly:

simplegtk-0.7b|simplegtk|0.7b||Desktop|44K|||+yad|SimpleGTK GTK theme maker||||

It isn't a big deal, but the convention in Puppy, T2 and many other distros is to keep package names lower-case.

The dependencies field must have package name preceded with a '+' character, and a ',' delimiter for multiple dependencies -- note, the 'petspec' utility (the GUI for creating pet.specs) has popup help for this and other fields in the latest Woof.

Note, 'yad' is already in the 'common' repo.

Tags: puppy