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Slacko 4.99.1 (beta1)

August 18, 2011 — BarryK
01micko's Slacko Puppy has reach the first beta:

This pup is going to be one of our "official" releases. Testers are welcome!

Note to 01micko:
I have just downloaded the file 'DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-slackware-13.37.gz' for beta. One little detail: could you edit it so that comments are now on the end of lines, like this:

Instead of this:

#util-linux-ng has libuuid,libblkid replacing those in e2fsprogs...

Do this:

yes|e2fsprogs|e2fsprogs|exe,dev,doc,nls| #util-linux-ng has libuuid,libblkid replacing those in e2fsprogs.

The reason is that one of the Woof scripts has an option that sorts the table, and the comments can end up in the wrong place. If they are on the end of the line, they will stay in place. Be sure to append a '|' delimiter as I have shown.


AMD Fusion APU Display Driver

specs file
Username: 01micko
"Latest specs with comments fixed on forum I was thinking you wouldn't roll back netpbm, but use the new woof feature (when released) of defining the pet repo in the last field..

Username: 01micko
"I have shrunk the pupdial gui (for eee pcs and such) and fixed a syntax error with new gtkdialog, the fix is backward compatible, it's out of jemimah's pwirelss2/Frisbee app to do with the password, a nice little discovery actually. read more:

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