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Upup, Spup, Dpup, Drake, Wary...

August 11, 2011 — BarryK
I was away for a couple of days, back this morning and logged in to the forum, very surprised to see a pm from playdayz cancelling Lucid Puppy. See forum:

I am sure that playdayz has good reasons. As I understand from a quick look at the Lucid forum thread, Lucid has grown to be a bit more than just a bug-fix release of 5.2.5, so has got a bit out of hand?

Anyway, the current situation from my point of view, is that Wary 5.1.3RC is coming very soon, a couple of days, final soon after.

Then, I have great plans for Wary 5.2.

For Ubuntu-Puppy lovers, I am thinking of doing a build in latest Woof, using packages of the latest release of Ubuntu. This could be used as a base for anyone who wants to create the next Upup.

Drake Puppy (Mpup) is at version 0.3, seems quite sound. Still only a beta, and I have been tossing up whether I should press ahead myself to get it to release status.

01micko is working on Dpup I think. I haven't checked on the latest status.

Also, FatDog64 created by kirk is progressing, another release soon.


Drake Pup

Re Quirky
Username: BarryK
"Currently I have no plans for Quirky. When I get the inspiration (and time) to try another quirky idea, then Quirky will be the platform for it.

Username: 01micko
"Barry said, "01micko is working on Dpup I think..." I'll put that down to a typo Barry as "s" is next to "d" on a US keyboard!!! :)

Ah, Spup
Username: BarryK
"01micko, Ah yes, Spup, but I also have the thought stuck in my mind that you experimented with Dpup recently. I need to check the forum, I think that someone is currently working on Dpup. Enough for tonight. Time for a cup of licorice tea (my latest experiment with herbal teas) and a good book.

Username: makdy
"Large monitor Dell 2711 - 2560x1440 pts. In drake 0.3 - looks good. In Wary - set 2560x1440, but looks like 1980x1440. LucidPuppy - shutdown PC after loading .sfs file. Need to enlarge icons.

Dpup Improvements
Username: Iguleder1
"There are many innovations on the dpup front. I'm working on a base dpup, sort of an all-round base for puplets and minimalistic puppies. I'm trying to get Fluxbox and iDesk working well enough to replace JWM and the pinboard. I'm also writing a menu generator - the latest version produces a menu in 20 milli-seconds and puts all the menu entries in one category, that's the only missing feature. stu90 is working on a dpup with Openbox and tint2 and pemasu is working on (another!) Puppy with many out-of-the-box features and nice stuff.

Re Dpup developers
Username: BarryK
"Iguleder, Ah yes, you have jogged my memory, now I recall that you were/are working on a Dpup. Stu90 and pemasu too.

Username: BarryK
"iguleder, You shouldn't be having to use "Iguleder1" if you prefer "Iguleder", as I reset all the passwords recently.

Username: BarryK
"Jogging my memory a bit more, the Dpup route is quite active. ttuuxxx is also working on Dpup:

Slacko, Squeeze
Username: BarryK
"Here is a link to 01micko's Slacko Spup: Here is Iguleder's Squeeze Dpup:

Username: Iguleder1
"And I like all this variety. Since day 1 of my renewed dpup effort stu90 and pemasu already worked on great puplets that are nowhere near alpha quality like my build. I intend to get my Fluxbox+iDesk dpup ready as soon as possible, although it requires lots of work to get things working right when you don't use JWM and the pinboard. I think I'll continue my 2.6.32-lts kernel series, I liked it a lot and people reported it works very well. I stopped updating it at, because some patches didn't work against that version. Maybe I'll just fix my build script ([]this one) to make it work with 2.6.32.x and there we have a conservative Puppy branch :) And Barry - nope, maybe I just posted a comment and had a typo in the password. :)

Licorice tea
Username: Dewbie
"A word of caution about licorice:

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