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Wary 5.1.3 released

August 13, 2011 — BarryK
Here is a brief announcement:

Wary is our 'flavour' of Puppy that targets older hardware. Version 5.1.3 is mostly bugfixes and minor upgrades to 5.1.2. There have been some significant improvements at the Woof level, such as a close-box on desktop drive icons and faster bootup. New applications: Default Applications Chooser, Urxvtset. New utilities: picscale, pngoverlay, yad. I decided to stay with SeaMonkey 1.1.18, as 2.2 has a badly broken Composer module. Also, 1.1.18 is smaller and better suited to older hardware -- FlashBlock and AddBlock plugins are included to suit those on dialup and download-limited Internet connection. A couple of projects that have been upgraded in Wary and are worthy of special mention: BaCon and gtkdialog. BaCon is a superb BASIC compiler, and gtkdialog provides sophisticated GUIs for shell scripts. Both of these are extremely active projects, with very keen developers and users.

Further announcement and release notes:

Download ISO live-CD (120.6MB):

'devx' SFS for complete compiler environment (109.1MB):

For those on dialup and/or restricted download capability, we have xdelta files, smaller files for upgrading from an earlier Wary download:
...ideally, you need a running Puppy, as the Utility menu has a simple drag-and-drop GUI for updating with an xdelta file.


Wary 5.1.3 forum feedback
Username: BarryK
Here is a thread for feedback, 5.1.3 starts on page 15:

helping Puppy community
Username: GCMartin
"The forum seems to be focused on getting WARY working properly. So, I am posting this here for you. Barry Ever since I've been associated with Puppy, there have been one minor issue with its LAN technologies. Every Puppy boots with its hostname (as well as the internal files and variables) as "puppypc". Thus if you boot 2 pups on different PCs you have 2 PCs on the LAN named puppypc; if you boot 3, .... you know the problem. When Puppy was first created, I believe the thought was that puppypc would be the primary/only PC on the LAN merely connecting to the gateway running this Linux. Today, many of us are running multiple flavors of Puppy (Wary/Quirky/Puppy/ICE/Squeeze/etc) simultaneous on our LAN. You can imagine that when you're using LAN tools to distinguish a PC by its hostname, how this causes problems. Also, as you are well aware, changing the hostname causes several internal issues relating to utility operations and desktop performances of that Puppy. 01Micko has provided an [url=][b]OTM, boot-time solution to this[/b] for all Puppies. It beautifully insures that no PC will exist on a LAN that has the same hostname. Further, since it makes everything consistent, internally, Puppy performance is as high as its ever been. Several members have commented to me that this should be in Woof build rather than an external update to boot processing. Since you do understand the hostname issue, might you consider this boot-time solution for the community via ??? (your decision where and how) Thanks in advance.

Puppy with 312U modem
Username: Rooey
"Thanks for distro's! I've mainly used them with a PIII. The pppdialer always works great with phones (only has USB1) but with my Sierra 312U USB modem(bigpond ultimate), it hangs up as soon as connected. (may not recognise this model) Just had a play with Ubuntu(on more modern pc) & figured out it's connection, so wondering if any puppies can too? -or Puppy being like Ubuntu, if I download same connection software? *havn't used latest versions of Puppy, have only kept Wary & Quirky up to date lately *I dial *99# -maybe modem's need to.. didn't stop Ubuntu connecting [hopefully the modem isn't rejecting the hardware!]

Telstra Wireless
Username: BarryK
"Awhile back, I used a Telstra wireless 3G modem. Telstra do not provide any technical information and they make it really difficult. In my case, the port was /dev/ttyUSB2, the dial number was *99# and the apn was telstra.internet I think that I found that apn at the forum.

Username: Rooey
"Thanks, that's the apn i've always used with telstra mobiles as modem(leaving user name & password blank), telstra.wap was the other, but with bigpond, the apn is telstra.bigpond & u have to fill out user name with email address & password. i've seen a whirlpool page with all mobile apn's. *99# is for all australian providers. i got a phone by itself online with that bigpond sim for a few sessions over a 24hr period ..maybe they barred that device after that

bigpond 312U modem connection
Username: Rooey
"I'd been trying to get the above modem online with recent Lupu versions. I grabbed the latest version of network manager(.deb) for a whopping 473.0KB which should solve my problem. For anyone trawling for an answer on how to connect their nokia C5 as the PC's modem, it's screen offers a list when connected to the USB cable. Choose the PC Suite option, & your good to go!

Nokia C5 connection
Username: Ramachandran
"Dear Rooey Please provide download link of network manager (.db of 473kb) for connecting my Nokia C5 mobile phone in Puppy or for Lucid/Slacko).

Nokia C5 Connection
Username: Ramachandran
"Sri Rooey Please provide detailed solution for connection mobile phone with Debian Network Manager (473kb). I have downloaded network manager and installed it. However, it is not asking or recognizing anything.

Ramachandran connect
Username: Rooey
"Hi Ramachandran, You only use the stock Barry's PPP dialer (already in Puppy) for phones Like above, put phone in PC suite mode if it isn't already Also like above, you only need your providers dial number & APN (should be able to leave username & password blank) -I got it from Ubuntu's files at aarnet (like ibiblio) -It wasn't as simple as i hoped it would be. I thought if I followed the directions in the README(s) that I might get it working, but I couldn't be bothered. Hopefully Wary5.2 or updates for Puppy knows my 312U modem..

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