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Wary (5.1.4beta)

August 24, 2011 — BarryK
This is a beta for the upcoming Wary Puppy 5.1.4, for testers only, not yet for public release.


...note the delta files are very small, very easy to upgrade from 5.1.3 if you are on dial-up.

5.1.4 is intended to be a bugfix and minor upgrade from 5.1.3. More extensive upgrades of applications are targeted for 5.2.

Here is the blog announcement for the public-released 5.1.3:

Forum thread for feedback, go to page 20 for discussion of


drive icons no border after update
Username: broomdodger
The drive icons in wary513 have the border/closebox. update warysave.3fs from wary513 to wary 5132 The drive icons are missing the border/closebox. If I click where the closebox would be, the drive will un-mount. -bill

drive icons no border
Username: BarryK
"broomdodger, Did you experiment with the netpbm upgrade PET that I posted recently, about 14th August, after Wary 5.1.3 was released? The presence of that would upset the save-file upgrade.

drive icons no border
Username: broomdodger
"No, I did not experiment with netpbm. The only addition was vim that I compiled with a different warysave, made into a pet, and used the pet to install vim in the 513 warysave.

one drive icon borderless
Username: davids45
"G'day, Just to add to broomdodger's observation, I have noticed some recent Pups missing a border around one of my mounted-at-boot partitions (sda5). It is mounted (using a Full PolarPup004 at present) as I have symlinks from sda5 to the Pups for many programs which are all working. My other mount-at-boot data partition is OK (sdb5)with a green border, red x, and the home partition (Polar is on sdb9) is also bordered. Clicking on sda5 starts another Rox but no border. Other partitions click-mount with a border (just tried sda3 and sda6). David S.

border re-appeared after crash & re-boot
Username: davids45
"G'day again, Just had a Pup-freeze with my borderless sda5 - I may have inadvertantly unmounted sda5 while unmounting sda3 and sda6 after testing click-mounting these latter for the above post. So on letting Puppy fix itself, rebooting and restarting PolarPup 004, now mounted-at-boot sda5 has a green border and a red x. Sometimes I'm glad I don't know what I'm doing. I'll see what happens with wary5132 next. David S.

wary had sda5 then it didn't
Username: davids45
"G'day, Now in a new Frugal Wary OK for installing and then rebooting to load up my sfs (5 on sda7) at boot and set the mount at boot data partitions in Startup (sda5 and sdb5). Began with both sda5 and sdb5 showing mounted but after a short time, the green border around sda5 disappeared. It may have been something during a mouse click but not on the drive icon. I can click on the sda5 icon and get a Rox for sda5 but there's no border. sdb5 is good (green border) as is sda7 (yellow) where I keep all my Frugals. Will report back on any further puzzlements. Oh, first starting of Wary had very slow sequential appearing of the partition icons (there's 14 for each hard drive) compared to earlier Pups. This slowness goes with subsequent reboot where they quickly appear across the bottom of the monitor. Dinnertime. David S.

either-or now on booting
Username: davids45
"G'day, On post-dinner re-booting, this time, I had sdb5 without a green border but sda5 was OK. Re-started X and got two green borders. Rebooted again and sda5 was missing its border (after a few seconds) - sdb5 was OK. Again, restarting X gave two bordered icons. Installed the ATI Catalyst driver (Wary wont give me good radeon graphics) and did the aticonfig --initial step to get a nice sharp 1600x900 display. Icons remain OK, but on re-boot, lost the sda5 border but recovered the border with a restart-X. So it's one or the other losing their borders initially, but not both, and maybe re-starting X rectifies a missing border. Border security anyone? Will persevere to a Full Wary- David S.

Full Wary - all OK
Username: davids45
"G'day, Full Wary-5132 installed from previously reported Frugal - universal installer copying files from frugal home directory to wiped partition. Initial boot displayed icon for boot-mounted partitions as blue background things with a gear wheel superimposed - so no bordered icons?? Switched icons with desktop>icon manager and now the bordered icons appeared. Constantly good borders for the mounted partitions. All icon themes were fine and restarting X gave no problem. Reboot similarly was good. Installed ATI Catalyst pet (wary/xorgwizard wont run the default radeon driver on this desktop) to get good 1600x900 graphics. With this Full Wary and the good graphics, still have had no disappearing icon borders. The ATI Catalyst pet has the wrong kernel as far as I know, but it does fix the poor display I get from vesa (only 1280x1024). Only issue with this Full Wary after installing lots of pets (games, wine, libreoffice, softmaker, gimp, pwidgets, etc) is the speaker icon at the bottom right shows with a big X through it. But I can watch DVB with sound on mplayer and I hear the barks. So I don't think the speaker icon is quite right. David S.

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