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Wary Puppy (5.1.3beta)

August 09, 2011 — BarryK
Here it is, the latest in the Wary series. This is a beta for the upcoming 5.1.3, or maybe even an RC.

Download from here:

The kernel is version, and if you need the source:
Us#er#na#me: pu#pp#y Pa#ss#wo#rd: li#nu#x

Note, my Telstra 3G connection is so poor recently. I uploaded the .iso file yesterday morning, then the Internet became unusable from about 3pm until 10pm, after which I completed the upload. Right now it is 3.45am local time.

To find out everything in this release, scan my blog. Note, it has SeaMonkey 2.2 -- I have some reservations about this on old hardware.

If you want to read about the last official release, 5.1.2, here is the blog announcement:

To read about the concept behind Wary:


Forum feedback for Wary
Username: BarryK
Starting on page 13 of the Wary 5.1.2 thread:

nVidia drivers need recompile
Username: BarryK
"Note that the nVidia PETs for Wary won't work. They are compiled for a 2.6.32 kernel. I will fix that for the final release.

nvidia.ko too big
Username: linuxcbon
"I find proprietary "nvidia.ko" too big. I guess open-source driver "nouveau" should be used instead ? ps : I dont have an nvidia to test sorry.

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