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Woof: '2createpackages' updated

August 20, 2011 — BarryK
It has been a long day. I have updated the '2createpackages' script in Woof to use the new 'findpkgs' script. It required massive reorganisation of 2createpackages, but I seem to have got there.

I am just about to let it run right through building the generic packages for Slacko.


Username: raymundo dionicio
Slappy is more of a joy name, I think :) Maybe Slacko is not much of a playground. :o

Package builder in Woof
Username: Iguleder1
"Barry, have you ever though of the possibility of including package building capabilities in Woof? This could be a nice addition to Woof! I imagine a tool similar to Woof called "Meow" with its own package templates and huge piles of build scripts. I already wrote a protoype for something like that and I call it Builder. I built [url=]this repository[/url] within an hour with my slow network connection - all packages were built, stripped (yes, Binutils' strip, OptiPNG for PNG images and AdvanceCOMP for all deflate-compressed files), split (EXE, DEV, DOC, NLS) automatically. Even the sources download was automated :) I put the latest Builder under the "tools" directory - was you can see, it's very simple and quite effective. I already have a nice concept - a Puppy built from some distro's packages for the base, with all the userland built automatically in the 2createpackages stage. This could be very nice and not that hard to implement - rootfs-complete and the devx need to be put in one directory (or with Aufs!) and used as a chroot environment for building packages. I did something similar - I built a Puppy from the packages in the repository and it's really nice, it feels very modern and the base is both solid and easy to work on thanks to Woof.

*.desktop localization
Username: technosaurus
"A lot of *.desktop files are distributed with localization, but stripped down to the english only version in pets. Could they be copied to the NLS .pet and then grep -v "]" $desktopfile > $mainpkg... ? I think if this were automated, people would be unlikely to cut them out completely. I have jwm_menu_create using them if available.

Username: smokey01
"Is it possible to have one language pack that works for all programs? I notice most programs have their own. This could be a huge space saver.

Username: BarryK
"I was tweaking '2createpackages' some more last night and this morning. Got it right now I think, have just started it to build all the Slacko packages. This was the main hurdle to convert, probably will need another day to tidy up elsewhere in Woof. I have got my nose down doing this, not much time for anything else, only looked at the forum briefly yesterday.

Re Builder
Username: BarryK
"Iguleder, My apologies for not responding to a couple of your recent posts. I have been flat out with changes to Woof, supporting Slacko, etc. But, I have downloaded your stuff, it is on my to-do list.

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