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Woof uploaded (again), August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011 — BarryK
I already uploaded Woof today:

I have fixed the problem of booting from USB when there is no hard drive, so uploading Woof again.

The latest commit is '20110815174956'.


nick oif time!
Username: 01micko
I was just about to start building! See PM Thanks

Problem with dir2pet solved
Username: pemasu
"Now back in Dpup. Now I read the error message more carefully, lol. With dir2pet I got error message for row 319. file:command not found. And that row called file binary. I checked and I didnt have in sandbox3/rootfs-complete/usr/bin file binary. I deleted the file pet in packages-pet and downloaded it again from pet_packages-common and installed it. Error message gone. Now I have to found out why it wasnt processed even though file pet was in packages-pet. Weird but logical reason is there somewhere. Well...i think I download whole stuff again.

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