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Woof uploaded, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011 — BarryK
This is commit '20110817071638'. Previous upload was August 15:

01micko has provided files that he uses to build Slacko in Woof, plus I made some small mods. So, this Woof should be able to build the same Slacko that 01micko has posted on the forum.

I haven't tested it though. My Telstra 3G costs me AU$15 per GB, and I use it up so incredibly fast. I buy it prepaid, in 10GB lots for AU$150, and I'm lucky if that lasts me for 2 months.

To test Slacko would probably use about 1GB download. Anyway 01micko and anyone else who is interested can try it. I'll probably be doing a Debian build soon so will go through the whole download thing for that.

Note, just to let everyone know, I might be a bit unresponsive for the next few days. I am just about to embark on some major re-coding in Woof, which will require all my attention.


Slacko repo on
Username: BarryK
I should mention that Woof is now setup to get Slacko PETs from ...I don't know if 01micko has finished uploading to it. Woof has file 'Packages-puppy-slacko-official' which has database entries for all those Slacko PETs, however it is expected that 01micko will keep the most recent/relevant file online, that you can download: ...I just checked, there are quite a few changes in the online file, compared with the one in Woof (that 01micko gave me a couple of days ago), so you had better grab that one.

Username: 01micko
"Thanks Barry I think I have everything uploaded to build a sane spup, though I am tweaking Packages-puppy-slacko-official and DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-slackware-13.37 as I attempt to knock over bugs. I'll post my DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-slackware-13.37 on the forum and reupload Packages-puppy-slacko-official when I'm done. Note my PACKAGELISTS_PET_ORDER is this, I guess you put similar in woof; [code]slackware) #110815 slacko goes official PACKAGELISTS_PET_ORDER="Packages-puppy-slacko-official Packages-puppy-common-official Packages-puppy-wary5-official Packages-puppy-4-official" ;;[/code]

Re donations
Username: BarryK
"Terryphi, No, it's alright, I have received a very large donation recently, so no problem there. I was just complaining because of the principle of it -- Telstra is the only 3G wireless provider in my rural location, so they can charge what they like. City and bigger regional centres can get much better deals from other providers. The recent donor wants to remain anonymous. He has given me quite a lot, to do with as I want. I was planning to give some of it for various projects, intend to announce about that soon.

upload/download etc
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry if you ever wanted something downloaded, even dvd size or uploaded feel free to contact me and send me a link and instructions and I'll mail you the dvd/cd not a problem ttuuxxx

Username: rodin.s
"I have found some mistakes in Russian So here is corrected one for Woof: And also Russian mo-file for proxy-setup:

ru translations
Username: BarryK
"rodin.s, Thanks, I have put them into Woof. ttuuxxx, Thanks. Yeah, I might avail of your assistance again.

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