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zenity symlink to yad

August 06, 2011 — BarryK
As I am intending that all Woof-built puppies will have yad, some applications that require zenity will also work. This requires 'zenity' to be a symlink to 'yad'.

Rather than rely upon yad PET creators to include that symlink, I have put a check into '3builddistro' in Woof:

#110806 if yad installed, no zenity, make sure zenity is symlink to yad...

YAD="`find ./rootfs-complete/bin ./rootfs-complete/sbin ./rootfs-complete/usr/bin ./rootfs-complete/usr/sbin ./rootfs-complete/usr/local/bin -type f -name yad`"
if [ "$YAD" ];then
ZENITY="`find ./rootfs-complete/bin ./rootfs-complete/sbin ./rootfs-complete/usr/bin ./rootfs-complete/usr/sbin ./rootfs-complete/usr/local/bin -name zenity`"
if [ ! "$ZENITY" ];then
YADDIR="`dirname $YAD`"
ln -s yad ${YADDIR}/zenity

What reminded me to do this is System_info created by 8-bit. It calls 'zenity' so requires the symlink. System_info looks very interesting:


Username: 8-bit
I have mentioned that I originally got the application from a link on thunor's site. I took it and modified it for Puppy. I now have also posted a version for smaller screens after a request and a hint of how from seaside. I think the application puts a lot of information just a click away.

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