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gcc was broken

September 12, 2011 — BarryK
I was exasperated last night, in my latest experimental "5.2" build, gcc was broken. It complained:

error: stdarg.h: no such file or directory
error: stddef.h: no such file or directory

It took me hours to fix, I was getting fed up. But eventually I found a post that explained exactly what the problem was. Some files were missing from my gcc package.

My T2 build environment still has the bug that has been reported before in this blog, it requires that I have to recompile gcc in a running Puppy and create new PET packages. Yeah, I did that, but the "new2dir make install" left out some files. Those two, 'stdarg.h' and 'stddef.h', plus some more were missing, they were supposed to be here:


The post that solved it for me, thanks to that guy. He/she explained that if you run:

gcc -v hello.c -o hello

...the "-v" shows whereabouts gcc is looking for it's inbuilt include files, and that is how I discovered the missing files.

Yay, gcc is working!


missing gcc files
Username: 8-bit
Is this something Puppy users that are into building their own Puppy or modules need to be concerned about? I ask because it appears Puppy devx does not have those files.

Which Puppy?
Username: BarryK
"8-bit, You don't have to be worried about it. If you had the problem then the 'devx' would not work at all. My post is specifically about the gcc used in Wary. other puppies have different gcc packages, that may have files in different places.

Username: gjuhasz
"I understand that glxgears is not the best tool to compare distros' performance. However, it is weird that glxgears in Wary shows twice as much fps on my ancient computer than other non-T2 puppies. But the gears do not seem to rotate in (any version of) Wary while they rotate well in non-T2 puppies. Is this related to gcc in your T2 build environment? Note that no problem with glxgears in Wary installed on newer machines.

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