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gHasher md5sum/sha1sum generator

September 23, 2011 — BarryK
Ttuuxxx discovered this originally, and back in December 2009 I compiled it for Quirky -- unfortunately that PET segfaults in the latest Wary/Racy.

So, I have recompiled it for Wary, now works. I made one little change in the source, to stop it from putting out an error message that '' failed to load.

Here is the PET (12KB):

My patched source is here:

The homepage for gHasher is no more.

Note, I have a vague memory that someone once created a little drag-and-drop hash generator using gtkdialog. Just like my little Xdelta app (see Utility menu). I searched the forum though, couldn't find it. Drag-and-drop would be a big improvement on gHasher, also adding right-click menu in Rox would be good.

Would anyone be interested in this as a little project? Maybe use my /usr/sbin/xdelta_gui as a starting-point.

Note, many puppies, including Wary/Racy, don't have 'sha1sum', though they do have 'sha256sum' and 'sha512sum'. This is an oversight, I will recompile Busybox today to build sha1sum.

Another hash utility that is in Wary/Racy is 'cksum', which is part of 'coreutils'. So, perhaps a nice little drag-and-drop hash generator could automatically test what is installed, md5sum, sha1sum, cksum, and generate accordingly. Such a utility should also offer testing of a file, that a downloaded hash is correct.



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