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gtkdialog4 0.8.0

September 28, 2011 — BarryK
I have previously posted about thunor's enhanced gtkdialog, for example:

Thunor has now got it to a release-version, 0.8.0. This is, in thunor's words "for the masses". I am very impressed, the documentation is superb. One other thing that thunor commented on has also impressed me, that he started off knowing nothing about GTK -- but he has done such a professional job. He has also been very responsive to requests on the Forum.

Above link has link to thunor's project page. Forum thread:

I have created PETs (73KB, 48KB):

I will be uploading the next Wary and Racy in a day or two, and it will have these. The docs will be in the 'devx' SFS, in /usr/share/doc/gtkdialog4.


Thank you! i'll try 4-0.8
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thanks a lot!!!!! flashplayer is necesery by guys like me, and i 've tried flashpl..10,using .pet; 11-tar.gz ,using the and in the script ( /usr/sbin/flash_install line96 ) i and Mr. sunburnt encounter the same " error gtkdialog4 problem" we changed the "4" back to "3" = gtkdialog3 __ in line 96 of the flash_install file , and then the gtkdialog finally showed correctly. BTW, could the gtkdia_4 of 'quirky' get along with my lucid;: lupu528? small is nice for my aging pc... slitaz; puppy; cdlinux;berrylinux...

should be :line 95
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about the headline
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