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September 01, 2011 — BarryK
Due to the problem with the development version of gtkdialog breaking scripts, I have implemented a solution. Now that I know that my previous expectation that the new gtkdialog would not break existing scripts is wrong, the solution is to have a clean break.

I have reinstated the old 'gtkdialog3' PETs in the 'common' repo:

The latest development release from thunor's SVN site:

As we have now been able to retire 'gtkdialog2', we are now moving up to two executables 'gtkdialog3' and 'gtkdialog4'. The gtkdialog4 package has 'gtkdialog' as a symlink to 'gtkdialog4'.

To fully implement this, I will have to go through all the PETs that require gtkdialog4 and change the executable name from 'gtkdialog3' to either 'gtkdialog' or 'gtkdialog4'.

If any developers who use the development version of gtkdialog want to anticipate this, please put in a test for the existence of gtkdialog4 and use that instead of gtkdialog3.

The clear break also means that developers can put "+gtkdialog3" or "+gtkdialog4" in the dependencies field of pet.specs, so there it is definitely known which one is required. Furthermore, if a particular SVN revision is required, say 246: "+gtkdialog4&ge246".


Username: zigbert
Barry Good to see a solution I have added this code to the latest Pmusic 2 to determine the best executable. [code]#set gtkdialog executable - puppy specific if type gtkdialog4 > /dev/null 2>&1; then export GTKDIALOG=gtkdialog4 elif type gtkdialog3 > /dev/null 2>&1; then export GTKDIALOG=gtkdialog3 else export GTKDIALOG=gtkdialog fi[/code] Sigmund

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