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Pfilesearch, Pfind, Pschedule, pupRadio, wcpufreq

September 15, 2011 — BarryK
I just did a round of upgrading, getting things together for next releases.

Zigbert's apps:
Pfilesearch 1.25 -> 1.26
Pfind 4.22 -> 4.23
Pschedule 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2

01micko's app:
pupRadio 0.11 -> 0.14

Tazoc's app:
wcpufreq 0.7 -> 0.8

These will all be uploaded to the 'common' repo soon.


Preparation for next
Username: GCMartin
I completely understand the idea of keeping Puppy on a diet. Here, though, are 2 tools which are extremely helpful in managing any PUP PC without having the need to run multiple tools separate to [u]achieve the same results. Another Tazoc's app[/u] - [b]"Report-Video-GLX"[/b] - Thtis gives a little more information about the video environment. [u]Another Shinobar app[/u] - [b]"FirstRUN/{ertsonalize Settings"[/b] - This gives a complete resolution to the problems Puppy had with setting hosename It also deliver some other newbie 'ease of use' fields in its single screen from managing the PUP PC. Hope this helps

Fusion MPT SCSI support
Username: tempestuous
"Barry, before you sign off on the new kernel for Racy, would you consider enabling "Fusion MPT" SCSI support?? This has come up on the forum a few times over the past year or two, and I now realise that for a distribution that is otherwise well-endowed with SCSI drivers, this is a terrible omission. These SCSI interfaces are found on Dell PowerEdge servers, for example; one of the most common SCSI-equipped computers on the market. Details on the forum -

Re Fusion MPT
Username: BarryK
"tempestuous, Ok, I have written it into my to-do list. But, it won't happen until the next time I compile a kernel, which is a way off. Probably it will happen before the Wary 5.2 final.

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