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PuppyPhone 1.1

September 27, 2011 — BarryK
I couldn't resist it, I think that the name 'PuppyPhone' is very catchy, compared with 'Psip'. So, I changed the menu entry to "PuppyPhone Internet telephone" and the PET to ''.

I think that the plain-language name and description "PuppyPhone Internet telephone" is more likely to get us many users. Hey, maybe we could even hope for an avalanche of new users!

The PET (696KB):

Thanks to jamesbond for this, and the other guys who are helping, lobster and smokey01.

Oh, while I think of it, I will need the source tarball to put into my source repo, for legal reasons. Smokey01, do you have that?

For earlier discussion on Psip/PuppyPhone:


Username: lobster
Tried 1.1 in Slacko Beta 4, seems fine. We always welcome more testers. Eric (Caneri) and Dogle have helped in that so important testing phase. Our real developer and Puppy hero is James Budiono (Jamesbond). Grant (smokey01) has worked tirelessly suggesting features and working closely with James. Remember this is a Sip phone. Any Sip program can phone to and from Puppy . . . It is a fun program :) . . . before I forget . . . finally got Avast to work and not crash. Used (the much quicker) 'standard' search. Removed Windows 7 (never used anyway). Puppy of course is clean and well groomed.

Psip source
Username: smokey01
"Barry everything you need is here: Courtesy of jamesbond

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