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Wary 5.1.99 (5.2 alpha)

September 17, 2011 — BarryK
This is the first alpha of what is to become Wary 5.2.


You might not see any difference from previous Wary versions. Lots of packages upgraded though, so it is mostly changes "under the bonnet".

There is one known bug. I have not yet determined the cause of this or exactly what circumstances cause it. After the first shutdown and creating a save-file, on next bootup the BootManager runs -- clicking any button in the BootManager hangs it, in fact hangs all applications, although the mouse and keyboard still work.

The workaround, if this happens, is to press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE, then "xwin" to restart X, then when the BootManager starts don't try to use it -- instead, right click on the BootManager item in the taskbar and choose "Kill".

The weird thing is, if you start the BootManager via the "System" menu, it works ok.

It's a weird bug, and I am letting it rest in my brain for awhile. Will feel inspired to solve it soon.


Warysave upgrade fails

Warysave upgrade error
Username: Terryphi
"Further to comment above, using warysave.sfs from, it is impossible to set xorg to work and xwin always produces: FATAL: Module usbhid not found

ext2? partitions
Username: scsijon
"everything went well including the probe for intel setup (hooray and well done to fix this problem at last); until I tried to install with PUI. It said it did a partition sanity check before continuing and gave an error "cannot be unmounted,currently mounted rerad-write, does not have warysave.3fs file"; however at this point I haven't even chosen which partition I want to install it into. I'm using a box with a sata drive and want to install into /sda2 a ext2 partition (as are all my puppy partitions as they share). Not sure where to go from here except hand the problem back to you.

copy changed
Username: broomdodger
"the right click (ROX) version of copy has changed because of an update to coreutils wary514 ======= corutils 6.9 -- cp -p "bug" when copying a file in/to an ntfs partition + the copy (ROX right click) would not warn + cp -p <file1> <file2> also would not warn busybox + cp -p <file1> <file2> warns: cp: can't preserve permissions of '<file2>': Operation not supported Successfully copies the file, although it can not preserve the permissions. wary519 ======= coreutils 6.12 -- this looks like a fix to cp + the copy (ROX right click) now warns: Copying <file1> as <file2> cp: preserving permissions for `<file2>': Operation not supported Failed to copy '<file1>' BUT it does successfully copy the file, although not necessarily the permissions. Maybe the message "Failed to copy..." needs changing to reflect the fact that the file has been copied but not preserving the permissions. + cp -p <file1> <file2> also now warns: cp: preserving permissions for <file>: Operation not supported

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