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Wary "5.2" and Racy progress

September 15, 2011 — BarryK
Just a quick note. Things are looking good. I built "Racy", which is Wary except with Xorg 7.6 and PAE kernel, using it now.

A bit on the chubby side, 134MB, but it has SeaMonkey 2.3.2 and the full Mesa (with all the DRI drivers, which are enormous -- many puppies are built with only the software-rasteriser DRI driver). I chose gzip compression for the SFS file in the live-CD, but this kernel supports xz compression of Squashfs files so that could be done if smaller size is desired -- Woof asks which one to use at build time.

Anyway, I have a small to-do list, probably need one more day. Then there are a huge number of PETs to upload, likely to take several hours. After that, expect Wary 5.2-beta and Racy uploads.

Woof has lots of fixes too, so I will also be uploading that. In 1-2 days.


PETs uploading
Username: BarryK
The upload of the complete collection of PETs for Wary, re-uploading many older ones plus complete collection imported from T2. I don't know the total size, but gFTP estimates completion 28 hours from now. Hmmm, might settle down with my latest SciFi book tonight.

Username: BarryK
"I started the upload of PETs at 6.30pm last night. I just woke up, 5am, found the transfer had timed-out. I had to reconnect, and have resumed the upload.

Extreme Significance
Username: GCMartin
"Wow Barry. I can see the significance of what you're doing. This surely will be a very very forward thinking PUP that intends to run on every PC with megabyte to 64 gigabytes in its RAM-based filesystem, no matter whether the PC is 32bit or 64bit. No one will notice, but, this is extremely significant as it positions a single WARY addressing so many platforms in the world today. I understand. Thanks in advance.

Telstra 3G gone bad again
Username: BarryK
"I reported recently on my blog how my Telstra 3G service became so bad, to the point of unusable. It does that periodically. On the last occasion, it went bad for about a week, mostly in the evenings, but degenerated to extreme slowness over most of the day. Then, mysteriously, it became fast again, even in the peak evening times. Today it has chosen to dive again. As reported, I woke up this morning and found gFTP had timed out. Although the 3G modem shows the blinking blue light to indicate connected, I know from experience that it is lying. The modem has to be reset. Well, since 5am, it has been happening again a few times. Upload degrades, dropping from the normal rate of about 21KB/sec down to 5KB/sec, 3KB/sec, stalled... Oh well, I don't know when these PETs will get uploaded. I would really like to know what is going on here, in my rural location. Equipment failure? Sudden heavy demand? It's only 8.43am now, I can't see this as a heavy-demand time. It's not's fault either. Internet browsing anywhere is extremely slow.

pipe loading
Username: scsijon
"I suspect that: Possability 1, your local 3g aerial is on a shared "pipe" and that there are others between it and it's access point into the net, it also may not have any packet priority (how one prioritises aerial traffic when shared). If this is the case real bandwidth, not the so called use (upload/download) bandwidth can be seriously affected. Alternately it could be sharing the pipe with your local exchange/rim/etc. that would also give the same result. Do you know if the "exchange" is adsl as that traffic has priority, if so maybe their is a new user taking extra bandwidth, it would just mean the need for reconfiguring what is available where. A third alternative could be a new 3g data user, meaning bandwidth that was yours in the past at certain times, must now be shared between two, once more the need for reconfiguration. You may need to ask your local Federal MP for help, but the first stage is to use the normal email complaints channel, providing the maximum information (dates and times etc.)you can including your history with this problem, with a cc clearly marked on it to the communication ombudsman's office. Make sure you let them know you expect a reply within a set time, otherwise you will go up the tree. Your Regional Manager is in the phone book, use him/her before the Ombudsman. And give them time to do something even before replying, rejigging bandwidth isn't a instantaneous process, nowadays it takes some serious discussion of where to take it from before putting it somewhere else. Finally, don't get frustrated, that just affects you and your blood pressure.

Faster now
Username: BarryK
"I turned off the computer for awhile, did some house cleaning (ovedue!), started uploading about 2pm. Right now at 2.15pm it is chugging along at 16.2KB/sec. If it's some kid who is watching streaming media, I'll know about it later when he/she gets home from school :worried: :happy: My place is actually out of town a bit. In town there is a private company that provides a wireless service but very limited radius around town. Telstra is our big telco in Australia and covers vast rural areas -- they try to provide 3G coverage along major roads, one of which I am on. I don't know the technical details on 3G, but I imagine it like a long pipe following the main road.

Cell Towers
Username: Raffy
"Yes, the cellphone towers follow the main roads, and even if you are quite far from the tower, if you have clear line of sight to the tower, you can enjoy 3G service. The trick to better enjoyment of this service is to be awake and online when the rest of the neighbors are sleeping. :) Some operators are upgrading to the so-called "4G", a faster service, but it could be more costly.

Username: mavrothal
"The only full version of udev in the wary repo is udev-136. Would be nice if you could update it to the current T2 version (167), to keep up with the rest of this mega update. Thanks

Re udev
Username: BarryK
"mavrothal, If you look in /root/.packages/woof-installed-packages, you will see that Wary and Racy are built with udev 167. The PET is in the 'common' repo. Note, the reason that an older udev is in the puppy-wary repo is because T2 was unable to compile 167. All the T2 binary packages got imported to PETs, hence that one ended up in the repo also.

Username: mavrothal
"Thank you. I have seen those, but these are the truncated/patched versions already included in wary/racy. I was referring to the *full* udev package with all the rules, keyboards, devices, detections scripts etc. Thanks again

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