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Was away

September 06, 2011 — BarryK
I was away from home all day yesterday, so nothing happened in the Puppy department.

Home this morning, and back onto the experimental Wary "5.2" (I really should have a codename for this, not just "5.2"!)

I am running the T2 builds again, for both cases, compiling with Xorg 7.3 then again with Xorg 7.5. I fixed a few things the first time around.

Once I have the T2 build compiling nicely, I intend to make it into a big tarball and upload it, so others will be able to reproduce my work. Although based on the official T2 from SVN, my T2 is heavily customised.


Username: scsijon
Considering all the work your putting into this one with rebuilding and updating just about everything in T2, maybe Wary "Elephant" could/should be considered. On the other hand, do you know yet what kernals you plan to use? And are your Kernal and Module building instructions on still valid? thanks scsijon

Kernel compile
Username: BarryK
"Wary uses the 2.6.32.x kernel. There are fully automated build scripts: There is also a build script for the 2.6.39.x kernel, but it is not as mature as the above:

Username: Jota
""Home this morning, and back onto the experimental Wary "5.2" (I really should have a codename for this, not just "5.2"!)" QUIRKY ?? ;-)

Username: nancy reagan
" WalkOn Warrior

Username: BarryK
"Heh, heh, given the highly experimental nature of all of this, and likelihood that some things may be broken that previously weren't, Plus the planned build with Xorg 7.5, I should first release it as Quirky.

Username: panzerpuppy
"@BarryK: Please bring back the good old Quirky*! * the true successor to v1.3 (minimalism to the max, cuting-edge SMP kernel, latest Xorg, KMS & drivers, optimised for newer hardware).

Re Quirky
Username: ICPUG
"Do you guys never retain anything Barry has said? Quirky was defined as a testbed for trying out / developing Quirky ideas. If you like a particular Quirky that's fine but don't expect it to be considered as a formal Puppy that is gradually debugged. Quirky can change signifantly from one version to the next. The front page of the Puppylinux web site does not identify Quirky as a formal release - because it isn't.

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