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Xfprot broken

September 23, 2011 — BarryK
Thanks to technosaurus who advised that there is anew download URL for f-prot, which needs to be fixed in Xfprot. The latter is a GUI for f-prot, and f-prot is a command-line virus scanner.

I fixed the URL. I noticed that Wary is using a very old Xfprot PET from the puppy-4 repo. I download version 2.4 source, had to hack it to compile, due to a symbol not supported by GTK (at least from version 2.20). Example fix in src/mygtk.c:

/*BK if(GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE(widget)) replace with...*/

Xfprot does not recognize the version of f-prot, and aborts at startup with:

Cannot detect f-prot's version. Aborting

I hacked around that as well, and got Xfprot working. Yes, it scans, however the commandline parameters for f-prot's 'fpscan' seem to have changed and Xprot does not control it properly. For example, archives are scanned even though the checkbox to do so is not ticked. Scanning is only down about 4 directory levels and Xfprot offers no way to change that. And so on.

I was going to put Xfprot into the 'common' repo, however it is too broken. Someone needs to put some time into updating it to work properly with latest f-prot.

I have removed it from Wary and Racy.

Some guys using Lucid Puppy have recently been trying to use Xfprot:

...the suggestion of using f-prot directly, on the commandline, is the only viable choice for now.


Xfprot Broken
Username: majorfoo
Tasmod created two pets - one for F-prot-6.0.3 and one for Xfprot-2.4 Pemasu combined both pets into one - see page two of link you posted above I have used the combined pet in luci-001, lucid 528, lucid 528 and Dpup Exprimo 5x7, running from GUI. No problems for me

In addition to Xfprot
Username: GCMartin
"[b]Questions[/b] Any known issues with CLAM? Is CLAM in the Repo, too? Thanks

Xfprot issues
Username: BarryK
"majorfoo, Yes there are issues for you too. If you read that Lucid thread, you will see. Xfprot does not work properly with the latest commandline f-prot. GCMartin, I have never tried ClamAV. Is there a PET somewhere for it?

F-prot 6.0.3
Username: BarryK
"Ah, the latest f-prot is 6.5.1. So yes, perhaps if use Xfprot with older f-prot 6.0.3 then it is ok. But then, does the older f-prot work with the latest signature files? If it does, then I guess we can modify Xfprot startup script so that it doesn't download the latest f-prot, instead installs the older f-prot PET. Yeah, that might be do-able.

new folders in the ibiblio...
Username: linuxcbon
"Hi Barry, one idea is can you make new folders to order the ibiblio site with folders like : puppies-1 puppies-2 puppies-3 puppies-4 puppies-5 And inside each folder, a folder for each version, like puppy-2.16.1 Then a folder pet_packages with inside folders called : pet_packages-2 pet_packages-3 pet_packages-4 pet_packages-5 Same for sfs_modules ps : I was reading this Thank you

f-prot 6.0.3
Username: tasmod
"The pet says 6.0.3 because the f-prot site at the point I downloaded said that was the latest. I can only assume they had not updated the download title and have done so since. It did however come up as 6.5 when you clicked the about in xfprot. I also found issues with icons etc with xfprot but I found it mostly worked. I only did this a s a response to a request. Asd i originally fixed the xfprot back at pwidget days i thought I would just update it. I personally don't use it.

Poke it..
Username: DSMD
"I used to use xfprot but after the GUI went awary I wrote to the author of the app asking if he knew of a way to fix the version info but then came here and saw the other comments.. Then I noticed the Build date on the scanning engine itself with fpscan --version Build 2010-09-10 It's like thats almost a year out of date, what are frisk doing to their open source users, treating us as second class to paying windows nerds that's what. I'll be re-installing the latest Clam definitions from the Clam PPA as soon as I get the time to do it as I dont have time for an anti-viral solution that can't even give me an up to date on demand scanner with a GUI that is specifically designed for KDE users.

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