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3.0.4 kernel

October 15, 2011 — BarryK
I have compiled the 3.0.4 Linux kernel, configured for PAE (supports up to 64GB RAM), SMP (multiple cores) and Unionfs -- not Aufs.

I have tested with a frugal installation on hard drive, and booting off a USB pen drive -- I also tested a save-file and saving to entire partition. I also tested installing a PET package, in which the files install direct to the save-layer.

Success in all cases. So, this has been uploaded. Here is the PET (23.4MB):

The source, patches, 3rd-party drivers, build scripts, instructions, and source SFS file are here:

Perhaps the next Racy will use this kernel.


Username: tempestuous
DOTconfig-3.0.4 contains this - # CONFIG_FUSION is not set So Fusion MPT SCSI support is still not enabled, as per -

Interesting insight ...
Username: jamesbond
"... on why unionfs, instaed of aufs? Or just experimenting? cheers!

MPT SCSI, etc.
Username: BarryK
"tempestuous, This kernel is intended for use with Racy, on recent hardware. jamesbond, I posted earlier about trouble with aufs, yes experimenting to see if unionfs has improved. RandomVisitor, shows 3.0.4 as latest.

Username: RandomVisitor
" is a [url=]Potemkin village, and will probably stay so for a while :-) Official kernel patch 3.0.5: Official kernel patch 3.0.6:

Re 3.0.7
Username: BarryK
"RandomVisitor, Ah, great, thanks for the info.

Re missing firmware.dep.3.0.4
Username: BarryK
"mories, No, it isn't missing, it has moved. The file 'firmware.dep' is now in Woof, in kernel-skeleton/etc/modules. All of the firmware tarballs are also now in kernel-skeleton. The file gets renamed to firmware.dep.<kernel version> during the build.

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