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3.0.7 kernel

October 23, 2011 — BarryK
I recently reported about compiling the 3.0.4 kernel:

Thanks to links posted by 'RandomVisitor' I have now downloaded the 3.0.7 source and compiled it.

The kernel source, and SFS file, are here:

For Puppy builders, the 3.0.7 PET is here (23.4MB):

Yes, this one also has Unionfs instead of Aufs. It started as an experiment, but as I have had no trouble whatsoever with Unionfs so far, it is going to stay on. I expect to use this PET in the next build of Racy.


Quirky got Racy
Username: Bigpup
I see Quirky got Racy. Good to see you trying to work with the newer kernels.

3.x kernels and woof
Username: pemasu
"It will probably also lead to the woof which is compliant for 3.x kernels. And that opens doors for 3.x kernel puplets also. Looking forward of it.... And thanks.

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