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Busybox rollback 1.19.2 to 1.17.2

October 03, 2011 — BarryK
Raffy was testing the /usr/sbin/root2user script in the latest Racy Puppy. This is called from /usr/sbin/shutdownconfig at first shutdown, if the user chooses to run as 'fido'. Raffy reported that the Busybox 'chpasswd' segfaulted.

Yes, it does segfault, but after it has done it's job. Can't say that I'm happy with that though. Racy is using the latest Busybox 1.19.2, reported recently in this blog. I tested 1.17.2, that we have been using for sometime in Puppy, and that works without the segfault.

So, I have rolled Busybox back to 1.17.2 in the 'common' repo. I know that 1.19.2 has more features, and some bug fixes, however 1.17.2 works well. I just want to quickly restore to a known working and well-tested Busybox. I recompiled 1.17.2 and enabled the 'sha1sum', 'readahead' and 'rfkill' applets.

The PET will be uploaded to the 'common' repo soon.


BusyBox 1.19.3 fix chpasswd
Username: broomdodger
[code]Raffy reported that the Busybox 'chpasswd' segfaulted[/code] 29 October 2011 -- BusyBox 1.19.3 (stable) BusyBox 1.19.3. (git, patches, how to add a patch) Bug fix release. 1.19.3 has fixes for build system, chpasswd, crond, inetd (fix open fd leak), syslogd (fix problem with in-memory log buffer), tail (fix for 'tail: -c +N' with large N), tftp (made mode check case-insensitive). -Bill

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