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Generalized logo handling in Woof

October 06, 2011 — BarryK
Currently 01micko has a hack-script for inserting Slacko logos into Woof. I have now generalized the mechanism, to cater for whatever pup is being built.

The pup logos are kept in rootfs-skeleton/usr/share/doc/puplogos, and are named by this format:


The correct logos are copied up to rootfs-skeleton/usr/share/doc and 'puplogos' directory deleted in the build. This is done by script '3builddistro'.

The boot splash has also got this treatment. A file boot/boot-dialog/${DISTRO_FILE_PREFIX}-splash.gif will be automatically used as the boot splash image.

So, if any pup builder sends me their logos for example for Racy I have racy48.png, racy96.png and racy-splash.gif, I will bung them into Woof.

To assist 01micko, I created a splash file from dejan555's Slacko logo:

...The .svg image can be opened in InkscapeLite, export total drawing to .png at 640x388, open in mtPaint and reduce palette to 16 colors (last one unused) and save as slacko-splash.gif.


Username: BarryK
An extra note for developers: In InkscapeLite I created a rectangle of 640x388, then imported a .png logo on top of the rectangle, then exported both as the splash image. The original .png logo was 160x160 but I wanted it bigger, so i used scalex: [i]# scalex -k 2 logo160.png logo320.png[/i] which I then imported into InkscapeLite. scalex is great, increases the image without it looking jagged.

Username: 01micko
"Thanks, I was going to convert the image to gif but you saved me the trouble. It will be in RC due very soon. There is still a very minor problem with the encryption gui when creating a save file on the tiny res eee-701SD. The buttons are obscured by the task bar, need to alt-click-drag upwards to see them, but a big improvement from before.

Re svg on-the-fly
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, Yes, one of Jemimah's tray applets used on-the-fly generation of SVG for the tray icon. It may have been her battery status applet. It is a great way to exactly show battery percent charge without having to have a whole lot of static raster images.

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