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Gtkdialog dimensions fix

October 25, 2011 — BarryK
Thanks to thunor, an issue that I have been having with gtkdialog for a very long time has been resolved.

I have often had a problem with window dimensions not fitting snuggly around the widgets, with blank space on the left or bottom of the window.

I posted about the problem here, with snapshots, and thunor replied with the solution:

Inserting resizable="false" into the <window> tag works like a charm!

The other bit of advice, to use wrap="false" on the top text widget, has also been very helpful.


Another sizing fix.
Username: 8-bit
I missed thunor's solution that he provided. But on your behalf, I asked for another solution for being able to limit the height of the popup list of items when the down arrow is clicked. Currently that list goes from the top of my screen to the bottom with up and down arrows to display the items that cant be shown.

Long item list
Username: BarryK
"8-bit, Yes, that's another thing, I was thinking of mentioning, so thanks for doing that. It is weird, if I click on the combobox, the list pops up briefly and disappears. If I click again, it comes up and stays up. However, if I press the mouse button (left) and hold it down, the list stays up first time. This problem would be a GTK thing, I don't know if thunor can fix it -- but you never know, he sure has done a brilliant job with improving gtkdialog, and may figure out some way to fix this too.

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