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Low-cost Aakash tablet

October 13, 2011 — BarryK
Some of the guys are enthused about the $35 Raspberry Pi Arm board:

Which reminded me of something else that I came across recently, a $35 tablet:

More info:

That $35 price is the discounted price to students in India. Regular price is $50, and about $60 when it goes on sale to the public.



PI Ecology
Username: Raffy
"The Raspberry PI is good because it can become the core of an ecology of devices that are essentially do-it-yourself. Also, current devices can still be used with it (SD card, monitor, USB keyboard/mouse). PI will be a standard build so the drivers problem will be minimal. Puppy's lightness has promise to make the PI quite useful (even at P-II 300 MHZ equivalent speed). Svartalf has joined the forum to help development.

Furm support
Username: JohnMurga
"Just spotted that Raffy posted here. OK, I am pretty excited about the The Raspberry PI HW too. To be able to give people something that will turn their TV into a decent Puppy machine for a few bucks is too good to pass up :-) Apparently Raffy will be sending Barry the HW to play with. I am also willing to donate HW (at least 3 pieces), to members of the forum who can aid in development for the platform ... I will also have a go myself.

wanting one
Username: 8-bit
"I am not an OS builder, but what can I say but for the price, I would like to have one to tinker with. But I also am relatively sure that some US distributor would jump that suggested retail price a lot further up. I seem to recall the "One Laptop per Child" project and that the initial price was increased in a hurry.

Aakash home site
Username: BarryK
"A home site for the Aakash now exists: Gee, I like these accessories:

Username: Sage
" Hardly a ringing endorsement!

RaspberryPI - Puppy is IN
Username: Raffy
"Puppy is in, see [url=]Liz' comment. QUOTE: [i]Raffy Mananghaya on October 28, 2011 at 11:18 pm said:[/i] Congratulations! Of course the Puppy Linux community’s tail is wagging at your references to Eben as “bushy tailed” :) Hope that you will reserve one board for Barry Kauler, our chief dev (URL: ) - I will pay for it. [i]Raffy Mananghaya on October 29, 2011 at 12:25 am said:[/i] Addition: For developers who want to have fun with the cutting-edge Puppy Linux @ 113 MB, see [url=]here. We do love kids, puppies and fruits. :D [i]liz on October 29, 2011 at 12:28 am said:[/i] You guys are right at the top of the list for the pre-production run – we’d love to see Puppy running on Raspberry Pi. (And you are also in the class of people who don’t have to pay – cue giant storm of outrage from other commenters.)

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