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Network Wizard 20111016

October 25, 2011 — BarryK
I posted recently about Network Wizard 20111015:

01micko has made some more changes and now we have 20111016. I have uploaded this to the 'common' repo (61KB):

8-bit has reported that it spits out an error message that "scanpci" is missing. Yes, but that doesn't prevent the application from working. Sometime, we need to put in a test for the existence of scanpci.


what changes were made, please?
Username: scottman
hi Barry, If you have it lying around, can we get a list of /link to the changes made, or at least which files were affected please? I'd like to integrate the changes into my hacked netsetup...

netsetup changes
Username: 01micko
"Hi sc0ttman I can field that one ;) The /usr/sbin/ functions library has been updated for later kernels' support of new drivers thanks to tempestuous. I updated some calls to stock gtk icons, backward compatible with gtkdialog3. Barry's bugfix (from last week) about a fix for a syntax problem with gtkdialog and some drivers. HTH

yes, that helps.
Username: scottman
"that's great, cheers... I already have 'Barrys bugfix', am using and have removed a lot of the icons from my GUI (as they were broken)... So that's all I need to know.. Cheers.

are they bugs
Username: iPoohyPuppy
"In every version of Puppies happens the same things that some installed programs disappear? Package manager says that installation is ok, but cannot find program anywhere; not from menu or usr/bin. Some programs are in menu but do not start. All dependensies are ok too. On Slacko happened that package manager started download Slackware 13 itself when tried to install some litlle game and other programs. I was using IBMs: x60, x41, T23 and t42p.

Re are they bugs
Username: BarryK
"iPoohyPuppy, I have never experienced what you are reporting. But, you are reporting a problem with Slacko. Please post to the Slacko feedback thread on the Forum.

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