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Network Wizard bugfix

October 15, 2011 — BarryK
Not my Simple Network Setup, the big fella, that we have dubbed "Dougal's Network Wizard", as Dougal had a hand in a major rewrite of it at one stage. But, this Wizard has had many contributors.

A bug has just been reported by 'repos':

I have fixed it, and uploaded the PET to the 'common' repo (61KB):


Username: 01micko
Hi Barry, I have actually further updated Dougal's network wizard with some fixes for gtkdialog4 (backward compatible with gtkdialog3) and an updated for the brmsmac broadcom drivers, with thanks to tempestuous. This is relevant to to the newer kernels and does no harm with the older ones. The gtkdialog4 fixes are simply replacing [i]<input file icon="some-stock-gtk-icon">[/i] with [i]<input file stock="some-stock-gtk-icon">[/i] The fix to which you refer is included. Cheers
Username: 8-bit
"Speaking of net-setup, I did a search of the Slackoxxx.sfs file and found that scanpci is missing from it. But it looks like assumes that file exists. I have already reported this on the forum as well as major other problems when booting from a Slacko CD with a pupsave on USB. The USB save appears to have problems and app problems start to happen that may be related to the periodic save to pupsave on USB.

USB Save
Username: 8-bit
"It seemed that Slacko RC2 still had problems with the splash message "Saving RAM to 'pupsave' file". But after some investigation, It was determined that a modified "/usr/bin/gtkdialog-splash" script was being used. That modified version would break /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d as line 522, "YAFPID=$!" was returning two pid numbers. The solution was to use the version of gtkdialog-splash from Puppy Racy, which shinobar provided in the Slacko RC2 thread. Using it, "YAFPID=$i" returns only one pid and the yaf-splash message is removed once the save is complete.

re gtkdialog-splash
Username: BarryK
"8-bit, The gtkdialog-splash used in Racy and Wary is actually in Woof, in rootfs-skeleton/usr/bin. This is what gets used in Puppy builds. Mick must be using some PET that has an alternate gtkdialog-splash that is overwriting the "proper" one.

Username: 01micko
"Nope, stock woof Am now using shinobar's. I cannot reproduce the issue, I don't really get why. There are no calls to old yaf-splash that I can find :|

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