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Pmusic 2.1.8

October 09, 2011 — BarryK
I have created PETs for zigbert's latest Pmusic. There is a bit to explain about this...

The last version of Pmusic that works with gtkdialog3 is 1.8.3, though that has some missing icons when used with some versions of GTK. I have renamed this as 'pmusic1' and left it in the 'common' repo for anyone who needs the older version, plus I have put in the missing icons. I also changed tmp/.config/ to root, for reason explained below. PET (74KB):

Pmusic 2.x series has many more features, and needs gtkdialog >= 0.8.0, also known as 'gtkdialog4'. A minor correction in pet.specs, again changed tmp to root. PET (71KB):

There is another PET that Pmusic 2.x can use, I presume that it is optional, it is a bit big so I probably wouldn't have it builtin to my Puppy unless required. The pet.specs file was somewhat broken, fixed. Again, root instead of tmp. PET (137KB):

There are possible complications with the files being in tmp/.config/, in the Woof build environment. Woof copies all of the packages into sandbox3/rootfs-complete, and concatenates all the scripts into one big script, which is then run afterward. If files are to be relocated at installation, better to have them somewhere unique, so that they can be moved (not copied), for example it would be okay to use ./tmp if the files were somewhere unique, say ./tmp/pmusic_install. It would be tidy for the script to delete ./tmp/pmusic_install. It might cause trouble if the was to delete /tmp/.config. Also, some other PETs could be using the same technique of having files in tmp/.config/, so the files of all the PETs would be in there together.

Forum thread for Pmusic:


Pmusic change
Username: BarryK
I should follow my own advice. I have modified the package so that the files are in tmp/pmusic_install/OpenWith, which gets moved upon installation, then tmp/pmusic_install gets deleted. PET reuploaded:

Username: misc Pmusic
"Hi Barry I have included your way of installing the ROX-app, so the next version should be woof-friendly. - The index_radio file is not required. It will be offered as a download option, or Pmusic can generate a new one to get the very recent radio database. This is based upon - The FAQ is not included either, but will be downloaded if asked for. - There will come more index files as the support of new music libraries continues. I am looking into and it holds some hundred thousand tracks. - Those following the Pmusic development, has tried the index_youtube file, that allows to play youtube streams (audio) without flashplayer. I built it around the code of you2pup and worked fine until changed their code. Now you2pup don't work anymore, and neither does Pmusic youtube support. But you never know, suddenly someone grabs the opportunity and fixes it. Including all available data for Pmusic will be huge, and that is not what it is meant to be. The 71Kb pet is all you need. But, for larger Puppies that focus' on multimedia, it might be an alternative to include some extras. Sigmund

Re you2pup
Username: BarryK
"zigbert, Thanks for the info. I guess that I had better take out you2pup for now, from Wary/Racy.

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