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Psync 2.3

October 09, 2011 — BarryK
I have upgraded tasmod's Psync, which synchronises local time to an Internet time server. I will upload the PET to the 'common' repo soon.

Forum thread:


Username: Sage becoming an international battleground. Unusually, the Yanks are teaming up with a sometime adversary to beat down the common enemy. Depending on one's perception of the constancy or otherwise of the universal constants, recently coming under re-assessment, the constancy of vibration or even libration modes in caesium atoms in an atomic clock may not be all that is claimed. This, especially with this week's Nobel award, crystals of metals are not always what has been claimed, either, so any averaged quantity needs visiting with extreme caution. That apart, most of us live on planet Earth. Everything is controlled by diurnal forces. Whether the globe is slowing down, wobbling or falling into our star, our earthly endeavours are coordinated by the rising falling tides of light, water, the resulting seasons and all that is within the sphere. GMT must be our guide to the time in which we operate. Let's not listen to the upstarts in foreign parts.

GMT et al...
Username: tasmod
"GMT has been under constant attack by foreign influences. The French wanted to claim that they invented Longtitude and therefore GMT should be replaced as the meridian passed thru Paris !! Lots of countries want to change to UTC as the standard as there has always been historical battles with the UK. It was the British Navy that pushed for this in the first place for navigation purposes and it was Greenwich which was the base. My bat, my ball !!!!! === Psync hasn't really altered in operation code but the report back from the servers has more text added, so the parsing string becomes incorrect for the window text.

GMT + and - troubles
Username: L18L
"Barry, please note suggestion in

GMT sign
Username: BarryK
"tasmod has posted there and explained. This is a very very old issue, that has been discussed to death. If I run MS Windows, I can choose GMT+8 as my timezone for Western Australia. Ditto in Puppy. The actual timezone file though, in Puppy is /usr/share/zoneinfo/Etc/GMT-8. I want to keep the common parlance of GMT+8 in the timezone selection window, for consistency across the Windows and other operating systems and general documentation. Also, I am reluctant to replace it with a location, such as Australia/Perth, as that is misleading.

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