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pupdialog, bootmanager

October 11, 2011 — BarryK
I have extended /usr/bin/pupdialog, my simple replacement for 'dialog' when X is running, adding '--checklist' dialog. Now, these dialogs are offered:

--msgbox --yesno --menu --inputbox --checklist

I also added another parameter that is not available in 'dialog', '--helpwindow', that brings up a help window without exiting the current pupdialog window.

I was prompted to do the above as I wanted to remove Xdialog from the BootManager, at least the window that offers which SFS files to load. I have not been able to fix Xdialog hanging, as reported previously in this blog. When the Xdialog window appears, clicking any button hangs all applications, although mouse and keyboard still work, but eventually control returns -- Xdialog seems to be in a waiting loop hogging the entire system, then it times out -- waiting for what I don't know. I know that the source could be traced and the problem isolated, but i want a quick fix now.

Curiously, if I run any other application first, then BootManager, the problem does not occur. It is probably something to do with GTK 2.24.x.

By extending pupdialog, I was able to quickly change BootManager from Xdialog to pupdialog. The modified scripts are /usr/bin/pupdialog and /usr/sbin/bootmanager.

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