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Puppy Linux 5.3 (Slacko)

October 25, 2011 — BarryK
Our new flagship Puppy Linux has been released, version 5.3, named Slacko Puppy. This is an edition of Puppy Linux built with binary compatibility with Slackware 13.37 packages, and access to the Slackware package repositories. The Project Coordinator is Mick Amadio.

Announcement and Release Notes:

Download live-CD (124.2MB):

A Forum thread has been started for feedback on Slacko 5.3:

Slacko has been developed over some months, with a very enthusiastic team, and hectic pace. To read more about the development:

Slacko 5.3 is now our recommended "first stop" for all newcomers. Try Slacko!

Be aware however, that Puppy Linux development is an incredibly rich environment, with many individuals exercising their creativity, and we actively encourage lots and lots of different puppies. We do however currently have three "official" puppies, Slacko, Lucid and Wary.

Lucid Puppy
Note that our previous flagship release of Puppy Linux was 5.2.8, Lucid Puppy, built from Ubuntu binary packages, and for those who would prefer to have compatibility with Ubuntu packages, this edition is still being developed and has upgrade packages and some experimental later releases codenamed "Three Headed Dog". Read more here:

Wary Puppy
For older hardware, there is Wary Puppy 5.2:

Please don't read too much into the version numbers, 5.3 (Slacko), 5.2 (Wary), 5.2.8 (Lucid). Our puppies follow parallel but independent paths, with different version numbering.

More puppies
This News Page does not cover all of the great puppies out there, but is a good starting place to find out more:
We also have some excellent puppies being developed based on Debian binary packages, look in the Puppy Forum:

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