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Quick Setup translations

October 31, 2011 — BarryK
I introduced Quick Setup here:

I posted on the Forum requesting translations:

...the 'quicksetup' script that I posted there is the latest and is slightly later than the one in Racy 5.1.110.

I received an email from Forum member 'esmourguit' with a fr (France) translation. Thanks for that, it has gone into Woof.


Unintended consequences
Username: Sage
Please see: Just say 'No'?!

Quick Setup: ru, es, de
Username: BarryK
"We have more translations, thanks guys: rodin.s noticed that hostname-set and connectwizard are also internationalised, and provided 'ru' translations.

More Quick Setup translations
Username: BarryK
"Thanks to the guys who have sent Spanish (es), Netherlands (nl), Portuguese-brazil (pt_BR), and Polish (pl) translations.

Username: technosaurus
"L18L has been using my (un)patented technique for localization here: With a little feedback from that project I have been able to make it an automated process, that generates all locales available on Google translate. Still some work to do, but definitely good for new projects and easy to adapt existing ones (i haven't been able to automate adapting existing projects yet)

(un)patented technique
Username: L18L
"Having used that (un)patented technique as far as I could understand it, now a nice little GUI īt12sī for human translations is ready now. Automated translation might be added later.

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