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SeaMonkey 2.4.1 ...nup

October 09, 2011 — BarryK
I have compiled SeaMonkey 2.4.1 in Wary, running it now. I looked through the list of bug fixes since 2.3.2, not much at all. The main bug in Composer, the greyed-out "Image properties" in the right-click menu is not fixed.

So, I am not going to upgrade the PET for Wary/Racy.

Can't say that I'm impressed with the big version jumps with Firefox and SeaMonkey these days. They made hardly any changes and went from 2.3 to 2.4, now 2.5 is in beta. Probably not as bad as what Firefox is doing though.


Can't say that I'm impressed with... Firefox and SeaMonkey

Seamonkey security fixes
Username: Terryphi
"BK: Forget the bug fixes - look at the security fixes. They are what matter:

2 favorites
Username: linuxcbon
"Seamonkey is bloated like firefox, opera, chrome, etc. Netkit, gecko , khtml, bloated too... I have 2 favorites - dillo but lacks javascript. - netsurf, but can't compile latest version, buggy ? It seems links is good too ? See

Mozilla update policy
Username: session
"An interesting read on Firefox update policy: Don't know about the big version bumps. From time to time it's nice to point out the arbitrariness of the version number, but the short hops Firefox is making look like a game of catch-up.

Midori is....
Username: Sage
"...Webkit-based, small, fast, GPL & doo-dah, more than adequate to get started and some, as the highly respected Jemimah discovered. Compact distros don't need to start out being all things to all men, especially if they have excellent Fora, documentation and repos for punters to build upon without tar, driver & dep grief, for example.

Re webkit
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, Yeah, but add SSL support and see what size it becomes!

Yeah, but add SSL support and see what size it becomes!
Username: Sage
"Nobody says not to use Mozilla, Opera, Chrome products. These can be selected and downloaded, [i]if and when required[/i], [b]after[/b] the .iso is distributed. This can be implemented, for example, during first run or first browser selection, as already practised by some developers.

Username: Dewbie
"Box is a PII/350MHz, with Juno dialup. Running ttuuxxx's [u][/u]: It's only 10MB. (They're making Opera [i]smaller[/i] nowadays.) Tested with 2.14X, 4.1.2, 4.3.1, Wary 5.1.1. Performance is snappy; similar to SM 1.1.18. My only gripe: It's a save-file hog. Eats up 20-30MB per session. However, after deleting all private data, then running filesystem check at next boot, I only lose about 1-2MB; same as SeaMonkey 1.1.18.

Opera empty cache
Username: Terryphi
"Empty cache every time you close browser: Select in Opera: Preferences>Advanced>History Disc cache: "select empty on exit" 5mb is plenty big enough for cache size.

Re: Opera empty cache
Username: Dewbie
"Shortcut (on latest Opera version): [i]Settings / Delete Private Data / Detailed Options / Delete entire cache[/i] Built-in Flashblock: [i]Settings / Preferences / Advanced / Content / Enable plug-ins only on demand[/i] [u]thadolius[/u] mentions Opera's user-agent switcher here:

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