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Set Hostname, etc.

October 22, 2011 — BarryK
Quick Setup does not have the facility to set the hostname. Instead, I have placed it in a separate script, /usr/sbin/hostname-set.

'hostname-set' is called via button in the Internet Connection Wizard, which is the network setup frontend "glue" tool that runs when the 'connect' icon is clicked on the desktop.

So, when will all this new stuff be released? I am expecting to bring out a beta of Racy about mid-week, built from latest Woof and this will have Quick Setup and Set Hostname.

I think also a bugfix "Service Pack" PET for Wary 5.2 should be released soon -- not with new features, just some fixes. I will try and do that later in the week.


Username: shinobar
I am waiting forward to the next Racy beta. I hope the grub4dosconfig updated to the v1.7, which is already mature i think. # 16jan11 v1.6d9: PBS support, reiserfs support, plop support, bootable PBS # 19jan11 v1.6d9.1: fix was failed installing on floppy(thanks to yordanj94), pmedia option # 10feb11 v1.7: sort the probepart result, install on internal or removable drives, fix typo at checking boot_part

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