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Small SeaMonkey addons

October 27, 2011 — BarryK
This is interesting. This guy has repackaged many Firefox/SeaMonkey addons, making them much smaller:

To give you an idea how much they are shrunk, look at this URL which has the full addons:
Or here:

Video_download_helper is here:

...version 4.9.4 is 666KB, whereas the repackaged .xpi is only 349KB.


video download helper
Username: rjbrewer
4.9.4 versions will not work with seamonkey 2.3.xx. They also don't provide the option of selecting video quality. I'm using Wary uni with seamonkey; A great combination that uses about 30% less cpu than 5.2 on video files and streams. It's a shame the seems to have vanished from the repo.

Re Wary uni-CPU
Username: BarryK
"Considering that Wary is targeting older hardware, and to increase the distinction from the other puppies, I am seriously thinking that the next Wary will have a uniprocessor-kernel (no SMP support). I am also seriously considering either rolling SM back or using some other smaller/lighter browser.

Re SM 2.3.x
Username: BarryK
"I am getting increasingly disappointed with SM. The 2.3.x series has a new type of window that pops up when you first enter a password (or whatever), asking if you want SM to remember it -- but half the time the window disappears before I have a chance to make a choice. That is such incredibly bad design. Then there's the bloat, oh, that is the worst development.

packages to sfs
Username: gjuhasz
"For a very old PII machine, I got up to 15% performance boost using uniprocessor kernel compared with SMP enabled version. Difference either in fps rate of glxgears; or in dropped frames rate in mplayer; or in cycle time of playing omelette.swf file is relevant. Another performance boost can be freeing memory by moving frequently updated packages, such as Seamonkey, to sfs files. A built-in browser/office package unnecessarily reserves memory if the user installs another browser / alternative office s/w. In case of default browser, I think a lightweight one such as Links2 should be built-in by default and a seamonkey.sfs package should be included in the iso. Similarly, defaultoffice.sfs in the iso could help users who prefer alternatives.

automated shrinkage
Username: technosaurus
"If only there were an auto-magic way... I posted a script in Scottman's Pup-Lite thread (now Akita) that does much of this already except that it was designed for shrinking the whole sfs filesystem. javascript: html: using sed to remove whitespace gif: gifsicle png: optipng jpeg: jpegtran duplicates: rdfind or similar tool locales,documentation: remove/split-up .xpi,jar files use highest compression level ...

Lightweight Gecko/Mozilla build?
Username: Dewbie
"Have a look at this: It's lightweight and Gecko/Mozilla-based. Unfortunately, it's only for Windows. However, this might be a good reference/starting point for an equivalent Linux build.

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