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Wary Puppy 5.1.103 (5.2beta1)

October 05, 2011 — BarryK
Finally got this one uploaded. This is the first beta of the upcoming Wary 5.2. Download from here:

The link also has xdelta files to upgrade from Wary 5.1.99 (5.2 alpha).

There are some known issues with this release:

1. Ogle control panel
If you plug in a DVD, and then click either the 'play' icon on the desktop or the 'sr0' drive icon on the desktop, Ogle will automatically start. However, in the latter case the GUI control panel is non-responsive. I don't yet know why the difference in behaviour.

2. BootManager hangs
This bug is still there. At second bootup, after having created a save-file, if any suitable .sfs files are found at /mnt/home, the BootManager will automatically start -- but it hangs if try to use it, requiring CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to get out. On the other-hand, click the tray and choose 'kill' will close the BootManager. The BootManager can be started later and it will work. I have not yet found out why this is happening.

3. Media players incompatible?
Ffmpeg has been compiled, latest from SVN. This may have API changes from the previous version in Wary, which may compromise the media player PETs such as Smplayer and Gnome-mplayer -- we probably will need to recompile them. And anything else that uses the ffmpeg libraries. I have already recompiled mplayer which is builtin to Wary.

There is another experimental theme:

Wallpaper: wary_spangles_futwerk.jpg (thanks to futwerk)
Desk icon set: LaGaDesk Bluenight (with slight mods)
JWM: blue variety (my creation)
GTK: Delicate Blue (my creation)

...I don't know if the JWM and GTK themes go very well with the icon/wallpaper themes.


Wary 5.1.103 Forum feedback
Username: BarryK
I have started a Forum thread for feedback:

flash pref crash
Username: broomdodger
"Wary Puppy 5.1.103 installed flash at the dialog Menu > Utility > Adobe Flash Player preferences click the 'Playback' tab and it 'crashes' (flash pref quits)

desk icon set
Username: gjuhasz
"The problem with the alternative icon sets is that they are incomplete. For example, most of them do not have icons for Skype, Firefox, Opera, Chromium etc. Thus, as soon as I add an icon for any of the above to the desktop, I should revert to a more tolerant icon set, e.g., to Smooth-Color, to prevent disharmony between the designs.

ffmpeg API
Username: zigbert
"ffmpeg 0.7.x --> new features, old API ffmpeg 0.8.x --> Same features, new API That is why Pmusic 2.x.x requires ffmpeg 0.8 while 1.x.x runs with ffmpeg 0.6/0.7 Sigmund

Re ffmpeg API
Username: BarryK
"zigbert, API usually refers to the library functions, such as*. With Pmusic, aren't you only calling the ffmpeg executable? -- have the commandline options for ffmpeg executable changed from 0.7 to 0.8? Note, the reason that I used ffmpeg from SVN is that mplayer from SVN (which is the one they recommend) requires it. That is, it calls a library function that is not in the 0.8.4 stable release.

Re: Flash prefs crash
Username: BarryK
"broomdodger, Yes, I reported about that on the blog recently.

Upgrade savefile fails
Username: Terryphi
"This may be premature as you are only at beta. However, I tested an upgrade with savefile from Wary . It boots up to black screen with bar at bottom and working menu. Bizarrely it is possible to select Opera from the menu and the screen display works. Unfortunately, it only works for Opera. I hope this can be fixed before the final because an upgrade path is needed by many people.

re ffmpeg API
Username: zigbert
"Pmusic calls the ffmpeg executable, but also uses its output (stdout/stderr) to view info of progress and length in the gui. This output has changed, so Pmusic 2 has a modified (compared to Pmusic 1) function that runs in background evaluating the output of ffmpeg. If your svn version is similar to the structure of 0.8. Pmusic 2 should be used. To check Pmusic 1: The info in the progressbar should display both name of file (metainfo) and progress time. Sigmund

Crashing when flash installed
Username: Tony
"Hi Barry, am running via virtualbox 4.0.12 and I went to BBC website, all fine. But if I install flash and then goto BBC system becomes unresponsive and I cannot even close down. I have recently been trying lots of other puppies and they all run fine on this version of virtualbox Cheers

UMplayer A Fork OF SMplayer
Username: abushcrafter
"Instead of Smplayer could UMplayer be compiled please. I don't minded if the YouTube feature is disabled and if it will not work when YouTube do a change then please disable it. UMplayer is a fork of Smplayer.

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