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Alternate Puppy forums

November 24, 2011 — BarryK
Our main Puppy Linux Forum is "down". It may be awhile before it is restored. In the meantime, Linux Questions also have a Puppy Forum:

Also, Raffy has setup another forum:


Username: playdayz
Barry, Do you happen to know the monthly bandwidth for puppylinux on ibiblio and the monthly bandwidth for the main forum? ibiblio is so slow now, throttled down to less than 70K/s, that I have been thinking of setting yup a high speed mirror. Thanks, Larry email: the first 4 letters of information

Username: Bert
"Hi playayz, The NLUUG ftp mirror is still as fast as always. At least for me in Europe... and

Username: mavrothal
"Regardless of if and when the murga-linux puppy forum will come up or why did it go down, there is an important bit of information that is needed now. [b]Was it compromised?[/b] Particularly the password database. People tend to recycle their passwords across different sites and accounts, so if this is the case they must be warn ASAP.

ttuuxxx forum
Username: ttuuxxx
"I also quickly made up a forum just for Development, I made it as secure as I could see, to try to keep the spam away. just go to my website and click on the link and signup. I think I made the max file size either 100mb or 150mb, anyways lots of space to upload puppy related things. ttuuxxx <--- website

wrong link
Username: mavrothal
"ttuuxxx, your link points to[/url ]!!! instead of the correct (unless... is a test for "developers" :-D )

Username: mavrothal
"your link points to !!! instead of the correct (spoke too fast. lol)

Username: CheckDavid
"I believe alternatives could be shows in a more visible space, such as: Where forums such as could be included. Sincerely David

ttuuxxx link
Username: ttuuxxx
"mavrothal I only highlighted the and selected url from the above menu but it ended up adding Barry's blog somehow ??? glad you managed to supply a proper link :) ttuuxxx

Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, You need to provide the full URL: ...highlight that, then choose 'url' from the menu.

Username: q5sys
"Re: Puppyite, ya know, people might be a tad more willing to use your forum if you didnt have an entire subforum dedicated to bashing John Murga. You make comments about how John promotes Hate Speech against others, then you set up an entire subforum for people to rant against him. You've even stated openly that your mission is to destroy for Murga-Linux forum. That is not the type of attitude any forum admin should have. Want to help puppylinux grow, then be a force for good, not a person trying to split the puppylinux community into a civil war.

Forum redirect and Puppy PR
Username: Aitch
"Hi Barry Can you please edit the page at to show as the new backup forum as presently it points to LinuxQuestions, where Puppians have been fighting rear guard action from the attackers who were banned from the murga forum, and continue to bait, there - it is not good Puppy PR, IMHO, and spills over into forum, as well as here...sadly There is a need to improve google rankings for the new forum, and your web-page is referenced high in a search, but points to a negative energy site, LQ We could do with a lift, so your support at this time would be appreciated Everyone else, please spread the word thanks Aitch

Backup forum
Username: BarryK
"[i]Can you please edit the page at to show as the new backup forum[/i] Done.

Photo showing 'Puppite'
Username: FeodorF
" Today I found a photo of 'Puppyite'.

Backup forum request
Username: Aitch
"Posted on 28 Nov 2011, 15:05 by BarryK Backup forum Can you please edit the page at to show as the new backup forum Done. Can you look at that again, please, Barry...nothing appears changed, and the LQ 'warzone' is shown as backup, with listed as other...? thanks Good to see murga forum back, hope the site stays healthy Aitch :)

Re backup forum
Username: BarryK
"Aitch, Click the "refresh" or "reload" button on your web browser. Or, are you working through a proxy server? -- that might affect it.

Backup forums
Username: Puppyite
"Barry, I have visited [url=] on several occasions and refreshed my browser multiple times and I can assure you that LQ still appears on that page.

Re forum link page
Username: BarryK
"I just checked, the page has been updated. It seems that there is a problem with it feeding to some places -- my thought is that some users are going through a proxy server, which might cause that problem. Note that I have not put onto that page. The Puppy Forums have to be politically neutral. Whatever the personality clashes there are between people, it should not be enthroned as an official policy of the forum. A Puppy forum should not be blocking another Puppy forum nor should there be officially sanctioned vendettas against any particular individuals.

LQ link on forum page
Username: Puppyite
"I am familiar with proxies, I did not use a proxy to visit your forum link page. I have multiple PC and multiple ISP connections available, all of them show: “There is also another Puppy Forum hosted by (advertising supported):” I am an advanced webmaster known to have massive skills concerning all things Internet, web site creation, configuring / installing PHP software as well as other disciplines. If you disbelieve what I say then I recommend you access that page from an ISP other than the one you normally use and see for yourself. Or ask someone you trust what they see on that page (more than one). If they visited the page before they may need to force a reload or clear their cache before they visit. I’m guessing you have a problem with your ISP, possibly they’re using some type of caching technology.

Username: Puppyite
"Barry, Would you like to end the dispute between myself and John Murga? I make the following offer: If you will put a link to [url=] on [url=] and state on that page that my forum is an official puppy linux forum I will cease all criticism of John Murga and his forum. I will remove all criticism of John and his forum from my forum and delete any future criticism of him, his forum or members. I will amend my Main Mission Statement and Rules to remove any mention of John Murga or his forum. Also I will allow my members to link to John’s forum if they so desire. I hereby give you the power to permanently end this dispute. There is no time limit on this offer. What do you say? Note that while it will take only a few minutes for you to add a link to my forum with the announcement that [url=] is an official forum it will take 24 hours for me to make the necessary changes to my forum. Therefore it will be necessary for you to change [url=] first so that I may see that you have kept your end of the agreement. After I see that you have made the necessary changes I will complete the agreed modifications to my forum within 24 hours. We are on different sides of the planet so there will be a time differential. You can trust what I say. I am a man of honor, I keep the bargains I make.

Username: BarryK
"No, I will not enter into such an agreement. The onus is on a forum owner to maintain a politically neutral forum. It should not be subject to me "recognising" it. If the forum does become politically neutral and remains so for a considerable time, I might then consider it has changed its behaviour and list it as one of the Puppy forums. But, I will not enter into any agreement nor make any implied promise.

Official status
Username: Puppyite
"Is your refusal based on my use of the word “official”? I fully expect you would use the word “official” to describe John and Raffy’s forums also. In that regard I am not expecting you to display any preference for my forum in regards to theirs.

Over My Dead Body
Username: Puppyite
"The premise in some quarters looks to be that if I will unilaterally forgive John Murga my forum’s success will be enhanced. Why I should forgive and forget the harm he has done me or the foul slandering he has encouraged others to perpetrate on me - which are happening right now on his forum and on Raffy’s forum too - I am unable to fathom. It is far better that my forum fail rather than bow to such egregious, such unmitigated hypocrisy. There will be no peace while I am painted the villain and targeted by John Murga and his cronies. I hope I have finally erased all doubt in Puppy Linux community about my resolve or clarity of thought on this matter.

Moderated forum
Username: pemasu
" has applied new rule yesterday. Every post will be inspected "moderated". The posts wont appear until Moderator has checked and accepted the post. That renders the forum useless. In murga-linux there has been quick post dialogs and we have fixed many bugs by almost instant replies and tests. I cant see any future for any kind serious developing in that kind forum. This kind censoring is the way how police state works. Happy forum and all. And good luck.

Moderated Forum
Username: Puppyite
"I have been moderating all post since [url=]Puppy Linux Forum first opened. I posted a notice about how and why I do this not long after the forum opened. I did recently create a new post with a better explanation. I then deleted the old duplicate post as it was superfluous. Doubtless this is the source of Pemasu’s confusion. Please read: [url=]All Posts Moderated PS: Thanks for the plug Pemasu and thanks for joining my forum.

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