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CodeSourcery experiment

November 18, 2011 — BarryK
I want to get hands-on experience with CodeSourcery and Buildroot, even though it might not be what I ultimately use for development. Documenting here...

CodeSourcery is a toolchain for cross-compiling and debugging:

The free Lite edition is at this link. I grabbed the "GNU/Linux" download:

I installed by following these instructions:

Except that I added the installation to the PATH variable in /etc/profile, then rebooted. The toolchain uses GCC 4.5.1.


Username: Dougal
Barry, you might want to look at the Linaro toolchain: They make a lot of improvements for ARM support and, since upstream for things like GCC takes a while to put out a new release, a "mainstream" toolchain will be pretty out-of-date (note that they also release a kernel every month).

Re Linaro
Username: BarryK
"Dougal, Yes, it looks good, however it is based on Ubuntu 11.10, which, I understand, is for ARMv7. The RaspberryPi developers mentioned that an older Ubuntu has to be used on their ARMv6 system.

Username: Aitch
"Barry Use of /opt in Puppy Please see thread and comment, thanks I've asked Jemimah and the Saluki team to look, too Aitch :)

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