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Debian: 52 CDs

November 18, 2011 — BarryK
I am visiting my daughter. They have super-fast Internet, so I am taking advantage of the situation, downloading anything that I can think of.

I was thinking of installing Debian Squeeze on my laptop, so went to the download site... it is fifty two CDs! Yes, 52.

Getting them from an Australian mirror, they download at about 1 MB/sec, very fast:

But, I doubt that I will need all 52. I have stopped at 12.

There is online support to find out which CD has a file:


Username: Magruder
I'll be watching to see what you report about Debian. I hope that you do better than I did. Several months ago I isntalled Debian on a Toshiba laptop. It was a painful experience. I started the installation and left it running while I did other things around the house. As I checked back periodically, I found the installation was waiting for me to respond to a prompt, which I would do, and then leave again. The installation took three or four hours, and I was using just the first cd. When the installation was finished I spent several more hours trying to get the wireless to function. I tried backports and open-source drivers but never did get it to work.

Setup remote
Username: Ted Dog
"Back on the days of dailup for me. I setup a remote server with putty sshterm & vnc at a company with superfast internet. I was able to compile and write scripts as fast as the computer at home but download and upload code from the remote one with the fast internet. It would be ideal if you could setup something like his.

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