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Debian, Dpup, mini6410

November 19, 2011 — BarryK
I think that I have decided "which way to go" for getting Linux running on my OK6410 ARM board: Debian Squeeze.

Despite having downloaded 12 Debian Squeeze i386 CDs, I don't think that I will install Debian. There is no need, when we have Dpup.

So, I am running Woof to create a Dpup of Debian Squeeze 6.0.3. This is i386, to install on my laptop. I am doing this partly to check that Woof can still build a Debian Squeeze puplet.

The ARM thing though, is something else...

To create a small Debian system for the Flash card in my OK6410 board, I am following the instructions posted for the mini6410 board, here:

The OK6410 and mini6410 look very similar, so I anticipate the instructions can be applied to my OK6410 board without too much difficulty.

The tutorial starts by requiring the 'debootstrap' DEB, which is here:

I am running on Racy 5.2.2, and debootstrap seems to have worked nicely.

Next step, I have to go out and buy a couple of SD cards...


Debian on OK6410
Username: BarryK
This looks like the same instructions, but adapted specifically for the OK6410 board:

Booting the RaspberryPi
Username: Raffy
"The boot process is discussed [url=]here. Obarthelemy describes it: "The GPU blob and kernel.img in a FAT partition at the beginning of the SD card is the only required thing. No ROM, no BIOS... The GPU blob is proprietary and closed source, so no changing the early boot." Multimedia decoders will be in the GPU binary (the exact contents will be announced).

arm tablet
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I just purchased a 7" tablet for my daughter, I should have it in about 2-3 weeks, It a VIA 8650 based arm with a 800mhz cpu, Here's the ebay link for $76 with free shipping looks like a cool gift, I also purchased the case with the keyboard for it, so it turns into a laptop :) Anyways this looks like it will be a very popular tablet due to the low cost and that flash 10 works with it, which was an issue with previous versions. It would be nice if we get a puppy version to work on it in the future. ttuuxxx

Re ePad
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, That looks like superb value for money!

miniroot arm slackware
Username: ttuuxxx
"hi Barry I found a miniroot slackware that is 76MB, the download is and the homepage is kind of interesting what they say " Target Minimum CPU Starting with Slackware ARM 13.1, packages are compiled for the following minimum target: ARMv4t Little endian Soft float EABI (Version 4+) This means that the user space will run on the majority of ARM devices on the market today. Unlike the x86, usually each type of ARM device requires a specific kernel. So even on an “unsupported” ARM device, the majority (if not all) Slackware ARM packages will run on the device, you will need a specific Linux kernel for your device. Please read this article for a great introduction to this topic. Debian also have a detailed discussion regarding “old” and “EABI” " ttuuxxx

VIA 8650 Tablet
Username: dt-fla
"Yes, I have one of these tablets. And, have flashed several developer ROM to it. Use it for internet while traveling. The most difficult problem with ROM is determining/guessing onboard hardware. Would love to see Puppy on this.

Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, This looks like the same thing, except they are calling it a "NeoPad": Do you know what a "TF card" is? Is that same as a micro-SD card?

Username: ttuuxxx
"Yes barry I did look that up before I purchased the tablet, Here's a definition "Memory card expansion slot for the insertion and reading/writing of micro SD memory cards." so its just a fancy name lol for a slot that takes micro sd card, I bought a 16GB microsd card for the daughter's tablet on ebay for $18 shipping included ttuuxxx

even cheaper
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry you can get the same tablet as the one I purchased for $65 shipping included, I should of looked a bit harder when I purchased it :) would of saved $10 lol ttuuxxx

Via 8650 Tablet
Username: dt-fla
"The 7" and 8" models of this tablet are near $70 US now. And, there is a cult following for ROM versions; Have to confess that I have taken time away from Puppy to do some flashing on this tablet. I need the lightweight tablet for traveling. The preloaded Chinese Android 2.2 build is slow. Custom ROM flashing increases performance significantly. And, flashing is easily done with the TF Card (Micro SD) I would be curious as to how many of these tablets are being sold now. But, a lot of them. The board hardware is original Chinese architecture. Eken is a manufacturing name often mentioned. But, clones abound. And,I will follow your 6410 test board with much interest. Cheers

Username: smokey01
"I have got one of these too. I would love to see it puppyfied.

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