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Kernel for RaspberryPi

November 24, 2011 — BarryK
I am gradually getting things together for building a Puppy that will run on the upcoming RaspberryPi. Toward that end, I have compiled a kernel. It is version, with a special patch for the RaspberryPi. It also has the usual Puppy-patches, and Unionfs patch.

I have create a PET and uploaded it here (5.3MB):

I have uploaded the source and patches here:
Us#er#na#me: pu#pp#y Pa#ss#wo#rd: li#nu#x

...that link contains 'bk.txt' that explains where I got the patches from, and how the kernel was cross-compiled.

I think that the kernel .config file needs more work. It is provided by the patch from, and I modified it slightly. However, there are a lot more drivers that could probably be enabled, to cater for things being attached to the RaspberryPi board.

I am still debating with myself whether the RP board will be anything more than a toy. For most of us that is. Definitely it can be used in a wide range of embedded applications. For more general use, we may find ourselves adding on so much external stuff (with difficulty due to very limited I/O features) that it might have been better to go for a more feature-rich board to start with.
But, it is going to be a lot of fun working within the constraints and see what we can achieve.

I am personally quite happy with the HDMI output. My aging CRT TV is going to be retired and I will buy a small LED-LCD TV with HDMI input. They are getting cheaper, $150 - $200.


Raspberry Toy
Username: Dougal
Well... its intended use is for classrooms. The idea is to have a very cheap computer that schools could buy and enable students to learn how computers work and how to program. For people wanting a small ARM-based computer to actually use, it's probably best to get something like the BeagleBoard/PandaBoard or just one of the "plug" computers (SheevaPlug, GuruPlug etc.).

do you need to build your own kernel with woof?
Username: disciple
"I'm wondering: Is it always (or almost always) necessary to build your own kernel when using woof? Or is a stock kernel from something like Debian likely to work?

Pi Box DVD
Username: Ted Dog
" Its 'stand' looks about the dimensions of the rasberry pi, a nice wooden box from the craft store to finish the look. Just make sure it can multisession.

Please folks, please.....
Username: FeodorF
" Let us keep concentrated on Puppy Linux. Best Wishes to all of you FeodorF

Fedora on RP
Username: mavrothal
"Burry, This might be of interest to you in relation to RaspberryPi development (developer says it works) (rootfs build) (general info-resources)

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