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Racy bugs fixed

November 10, 2011 — BarryK
I haven't been lurking on the Puppy Forum much lately, but have been gradually reading through the Racy feedback thread, and fixing bugs. Read from page 7 of thread:

These are mostly Woof-level fixes, so will apply to all future puppies.

I have reached the end of that thread (page 16), and now will go on to reading the Wary 5.2.1 feedback thread.


Woof Test Version
Username: bigpup
Just an idea, but it seems like something that would be useful. After you do a major update/change to Woof, make a test version of Puppy with it, to see if the fixes really fix the bugs. I am sure many people would be willing to test this [b]Woof Puppy[/b]. Then when it checks out, release the new Woof so Puppy versions can be made from it. This would also give you a central location to look for Woof bugs.

delayedrun script
Username: pemasu
"for me flash downloader does not work anymore in delayedrun script. The ping to the google does not respond. I am not sure if my delayedrun is latest, but thought to post my finding so that people could test is it universal problem or just me. Anyway...I changed the ping target and it works now. Flash downloader script section in delayedrun needs that you are using fresh install like pfix=ram.

Username: 01micko
"Hi I just changed the ping adress to, which is still google, but one of their main ones.

Username: mavrothal
"It would appear that recent puppies do not have kernel-headers in the devx or the source sfs. As far as I can see the makes the headers and does not include them in the sfs or package them in any way. So maybe is a woof/kernel building issue?

Re ping
Username: BarryK
"Thanks for that info. It no longer works for me either. I have changed it to

Re Kernel headers
Username: BarryK
"mavrothal, Wary and Racy have the headers in the devx, this package: [i]linux_header_t2-2.6.32|linux_header_t2|2.6.32||BuildingBlock|4236K||||header files for kernel||||[/i] As far as I am aware, all puppies have the kernel headers in the devx.

Re Kernel headers
Username: mavrothal
"You are right. I thought so because of some problem I had compiling the latest aufs-util. But Racy does not have aufs and slacko has a very old aufs version for the kernel that is using. (ooops)

Username: scsijon
"on the otherhand, for those that don't like using google, I have approval from the "boss" of Skymesh to allow use of one of their spare ip's. The allocated one for us is, it belongs to a core router so should be always up and quick! regards scsijon

Re kernel headers
Username: BarryK
"mavrothal, I think that I know what has happened in your case. It is the famous "scsi.h" problem. Search my blog for more details. scsijon, That's nice! I have already put into delayedrun, and released Wary/Racy.

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