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Wary Puppy 5.2.2

November 18, 2011 — BarryK
I am pleased to announce the release of Wary Puppy version 5.2.2, our build of Puppy Linux that targets older hardware. This is a minor upgrade and bug-fix release of Wary 5.2. Though, if you look in the release notes you will might not think it so "minor".
This is also the debut of Racy Puppy, which we think of as "Wary on steroids". Racy enhances Wary to run on recent hardware, with Xorg 7.6 and 3.0.7 kernel.

Full announcement and release notes:

Download Wary (130.5MB):

Download Racy (111.6MB):

Forum thread for Wary feedback:

Forum thread for Racy feedback:


Wary (130.5MB)

try Racy
Username: Sage
"Done. Both seem OK on first test clocked A2200. Need to test on A750, D1200, A2800 and some 64bit stuff. Will have to wait. re. browser, I've never tried to deny free choice, just enforced choice!

Slow d/load
Username: tasmod
"I've noticed recently that ibiblio download speed has slowed down considerably. Originally the throughtput was around 420KB/sec it's now around 75 to 120KB/sec Whereas my own ISP download speed has increased to 7Mb/s :-)

Re Racy checksums
Username: BarryK
"Thanks, fixed.

Username: GCMartin
"@Bary. Thanks. RACY is racy. @Tasmod. You (like myself and others) [i][u][b]may[/b][/u][/i] be seeing some throttling from the ISP. To show what I mean, I opened 2 downloads (ISO and DEVX) in 2 different terminal windows on Puppy. Combined, I am getting double what I get from a single download. Next, I need to find a multithread downloader for Gecko engine browsers or for terminal use (not sure if wget can do this). Although my test doesn't necessarily prove anything special, I have notice that several other sites I download from are also running slow, too. Hope this helps

Username: tasmod
"Over the last year my ISP and I have been bouncing back and forwards over continuous random dropouts. They have sent numerous engineers who always find at least one line fault. Now the latest was yesterday and he didn't find any fault on the line and checked back with the ISP regards to throttling. I'm not being throttled. Today I received a new router to see if the original router was the problem. However the engineer has improved the speed from 4Mb/s to 7Mb/s. Quite an improvement. Other sites download at high speed, it's only over last month I noticed ibiblio was slower.

flsynclient crashes to cli
Username: broomdodger
"rary522 acer travelmate 4670, 1.6 GHz dual core, 1GB ram flsynclient Selecting any 'calibrate' trackpad crashes racy to the cli. Typing 'xwin' will restart racy. I will try wary522 next.

wary flsynclient NO crash
Username: broomdodger
"wary522 acer travelmate 4670, 1.6 GHz dual core, 1GB ram flsynclient 'calibrate' does NOT crash wary to the cli. but just like racy522, two finger or side scrolling do not work.

French keyboard
Username: egyed
"Hi Barry, Many thanks for Racy SMP. But something is wrong with keyboard choice. French azerty does'nt work. I can use the Belgium one, but there are many keys which differ from the french azerty. Greetings Gilles

cmus Error:
Username: broomdodger
"racy522 frugal manual cmus is an amazing music player. Note: current version is: cmus-v2.4.2.tar.bz2, released 24.07.2011 Tried to compile, but pulse audio missing and I do not know how to install it. So... installed from PPM. Starting cmus: cmus: Error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory This is installed: /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ Checked wary514 and it has cmus runs with NO error.

found cmus 2.4.2 pet
Username: broomdodger
"I found cmus 2.4.2 pet: It installs without errors. More later.

Kernel source
Username: BarryK
" Us#er: pu#pp#y Pa#ss#wo#rd: li#nux

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I took your latest Wary/Racy Seamonkey package from ibiblio and spent 1.5 days on it re-theming it and I added also FlashBlock to it, If you wanted to reuse the theme just grab /usr/lib/seamonkey-2.3.2/omni.jar and replace it in any newly compiled version. Its not really any larger just more function, I also added all the drop down search engines like for your blog, murga forum etc. I used all gnome/firefox gpl icons also. Its setup to look and act more like firefox but still retaining the seamonkey functionality. I made it for the next community edition but feel free to give it a spin. don't forget to delete /root/.mozilla before you try it, I do all the changes in the main folder, that way if people mess up Seamonkey they can just delete that folder and start over with the default settings I altered it to, mostly the layout and quick bookmarks. I also removed the locals in flashbloack, it cuts the plugins file size in half 108kb expanded. ttuuxxx

problem with modem EP536
Username: AATESTER
"Hi Barry, Wary 5.2.2 does not detect analog modem Intel EP536. but Wary 5.2 detects this modem (as /dev/ttyS_536ep0) Is it a bug in Wary 5.2.2 ? Thanks for any help

Re Intel modem
Username: BarryK
"AATESTER, Yeah, I left out the Intel modem drivers, they are too big. I should have made them into a .sfs file -- will put that onto the to-do list.

tor browser
Username: pupzo
"Hi i love racy because it supports my laptop, but i can get my tor browser to work. i get error couldnt load XRE functions.

Tor server
Username: Petko
"Thanks for Wary. Im running it on my old AMD K6-2 200Mhz 256MB RAM machine for Tor server. I tried Lucid, but it's kernel needs PAE on CPU- not on K6-2. It's OK.

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