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Woof: cups optimisation

November 01, 2011 — BarryK
When Woof imports a 'cups' package from another distro, there is a 'help' directory, that I retained as I thought it might be needed for the CUPS web interface. However, it seems non-essential, so I have now removed it.

The location of the 'help' directory varies with different distros:

T2: /usr/share/doc/cups/help
Slackware: /usr/doc/cups/help
Debian: /usr/share/cups/doc-root/help

I could have added code into script '2createpackages' to split the 'help' directory out to *_DOC, however I decided to treat this as a special case, and have done it in the 'cups' template.

I have added code into packages-templates/cups/FIXUPHACK to handle this. It will work for all distros. It locates the 'help' folder and moves it to cups_DOC in the packages-* target directory (ex: packages-slacko/cups_DOC).

These help files are about 1MB uncompressed, so a significant size saving.



Hate Mail?
Username: Nicholas
"John says you’ve been getting hate mail recently. He say’s it comes from Puppyite’s forum members. Is he telling the truth? Are you getting hate mail from Puppyite or his forum’s members?

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Username: perthie
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Username: bigpup
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Re hate mail
Username: BarryK
"Nicholas, I just looked at the Forum thread you linked to, John Murga does not state where my hate mail comes from. Yeah, I have received some vile hate mail, incoherent raving against me, Puppy Linux, and everyone involved. The guy is a complete idiot, sent the emails from a cell phone, and I was able to trace it. But, I am not doing anything about it. A person in the USA is all I will say. The posts reveal that the person has personal problems, probably mental, so I feel sorry for that person more than anything. I decided not to confront that person, and just ignore the emails.

Hate Mail
Username: Nicholas
"John made a strong argument that Puppyite or his forum members were responsible for you and he getting hate mail. Since John never offers any proof to support his accusations I guess Puppyite and his forum’s members are easy targets.

Hate Mail
Username: Nicholas
"Who’s knows how many people might be motivated to send hate mail? In the past, members of John’s forum have made death threats, this is fact, the evidence is available.

Username: Rick
"Who you think with puppite ? Ppl who hate, and send nasty mail Prob ones who threaten B4

Hate Mail
Username: Nicholas
"These links detail death threats and other insanity in John’s forum:

Well done
Username: Rick
"Now we know U wolf or puppite Silly dog

Re hate mail
Username: BarryK
"I don't want anymore posts on this topic. It was enough for me to answer the original question.

It must be nice
Username: Totoleloosid
"To just say the word and your bidding be done, or to ignore an issue and make it go away! Too bad I can't do that. I WOULD HAVE A COMPUTER THAT WORKS.

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