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Woof: improved Arch support

November 21, 2011 — BarryK
Forum member noryb009 sent me a patch for Woof, to improve support for Arch Linux. Here is the pm from noryb009:

Over the last few days, I've been playing around with woof and archlinux. I changed a few scripts for better archlinux support.

- support for .pkg.tar.xz, while keeping .pkg.tar.gz support (some packages are still .pkg.tar.gz for backwards compatibility)
- better reading from database files - supports split packages
- changed some repository locations, I couldn't connect to a few of the previous ones, and a few of the previous ones were really old snapshots
- added support for arch .INSTALL files (arch's
- changed/removed some renamed packages in DISTRO_PKG_SPECS-arch

With the patched DISTRO_PKG_SPECS-arch, you can make an ISO, but X doesn't start for some reason.

That last point will need attention. noryb009 has modified the package selection. Back when I first created Arch support in Woof, X did start.

I have applied the patch, and it will be in the next upload of Woof.


ping: unknown host
Username: i cog
ping ping: unknown host

Username: Dougal
"Something unrelated: this seems interesting

Murga-Linux Forum down
Username: 8-bit
"A little off subject here, but do you have a way to contact John Murga as to the disposition of the Puppy forum? We are all concerned as no one has been able to access the site. I do not know if it is a server problem that is causing this, but I thought you might like to let him know in case he does not know of the problem. Thanks, 8-bit

Murga-down - MIrror Possible?
Username: edoc
"We really need mirrored servers in locations that are really hard for these slimy-attackers to get at ... or at least some redundancy to limit their effectiveness. I will send a few bucks for the cause, may even convince my domain host to be a mirror ... OpenDNS Guide Hmm, isn't loading right now. The computers that run are having some trouble. Usually this is just a temporary problem, so you might want to try again in a few minutes. Want more detail? See which nameservers are failing. Nameserver trace for Looking for who is responsible for root zone and followed Looking for who is responsible for com and followed Looking for who is responsible for and followed Nameservers for returned (SERVFAIL) returned (SERVFAIL)

Re forum
Username: BarryK
"John sent me and others an email recently that he would be traveling for awhile and not readily available. I don't recall any specific dates. I guess John will take a look at it whenever he next reads his email. Nothing that I can do about it. Well, we can go over to our "secondary" forum:

"secondary" forum
Username: FeodorF.
"We are not very welcomed over there. :worried: Jonyo wrote: news is i won't have to deal with aitch or canari types anymore lmao or waste time with jmurga and his loser buds... Any other suggestions BarryK? Best Wishes

Username: steevieb
"There is a Puppy Linux Users Group on Facebook here set up by Jay.

Forum issues abound
Username: GCMartin
"Barry, I had PM a while back in an effort to work with you on some of this concerns before this happened. I believe you had receive that PM last month. I am still offering. Here to help

Alternate Help Board
Username: Raffy
"John has no reply until now. Please go to [url=]this alternate help board. Thanks for your support.

John's Name-servers are down
Username: GCMartin
"[code] Domain Name: MURGA-LINUX.COM Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC. Whois Server: Referral URL: Name Server: NS2.MURGA-LINUX.COM Name Server: NS3.MURGA-LINUX.COM Status: clientDeleteProhibited Status: clientRenewProhibited Status: clientTransferProhibited Status: clientUpdateProhibited Updated Date: 11-jul-2011 Creation Date: 19-nov-2006 Expiration Date: 19-nov-2012[/code]"ping" accurately describes the problem. Hope this helps

Secondary Forums
Username: ICPUG
"Jonyo has been warned by a moderator on Linux Questions about his behaviour and he says he will keep quiet now. We'll see. access blocked by the system my Employer uses to protect(!) us. Perhaps this serious outage will concentrate the minds as to how we solve this problem in future. I personally don't want to have to register with Google, Facebook or any other commercial entity in order to get/provide help. Linux Questions would be OK if everybody knew about it. As ever the problem is disseminating information so everyone knows. All the people who link the Murga forum should also clearly link the alternative forum and say for use when Murga forum has an outage. I, myself am guilty of not doing that! Of course the problem is far greater than the forum help. The loss of links to all the useful pets, puplets, etc. also needs to be solved. Some things can only be downloaded from the forum!

Some things can only be downloaded from the forum!
Username: Sage
"The Forum repo is vast. On the one hand, John has always assured us that he has it well backed-up, but no-one so far has raised the issue of who owns the IPR! The bad news is that it may not be John?! Even worse, it may not even be the originators of all those invaluable links, tips, even .pet s? Must be nearly a decade since I first mentioned these concerns, but, as ICPUG points out, we are all guilty of complacency and should've given John a lot more help a long time ago.

"nearly a decade ago"
Username: disciple
"> Must be nearly a decade since I first mentioned these concerns Puppy wasn't even around nearly a decade ago, was he? Did you mean [i]half [/i]a decade? ;)

Puppy wasn't even around nearly a decade ago, was he?
Username: Sage
"a) it seems that long! b) I also offer humour transplants at reasonable rates for those in need...

a forum that can't go down
Username: Miriam English
"My main occupation used to be building virtual worlds, and prompted by various closures of "community" worlds I began working out how to make a distributed world that lives simultaneously on many, many machines. For historical reasons this was never taken up. This recent outage of murga-linux forums brought the idea to mind again. My thoughts had been that each person visiting an area of the distributed site would keep a cache of that part on their machine, so that it would simultaneously live on many machines and be shared with others from there. There would be nothing to prevent a central store of the site, but it would be more a backup than an active server. If it went down then there would still be all the mirrored parts on users' machines being shared, peer-to-peer. I have some more technical stuff which I'm happy to share with anyone interested, though much of it specifically for 3D virtual worlds rather than a forum (however I suspect many of the problems and solutions are similar). I am unable to work on it for another month or so while I finish writing a book, after which I should have more time, but I'd be delighted if anybody came up with ways to do this before then. We all are conscious of the beauty and resilience of the internet in not having a central point, but we continue to repeat the old errors of centralising everything, and then are surprised at the fragility of what we have (I'm guilty of this too). Thoughts, anyone?

cloud forum
Username: previously known as aarf
"hello miriam cloud forum =virtual money operates in a similar manner storing parts of the system on users computer. problems: privacy - if only visited pages are stored. changing puppies- need to be able to easily move the forum storage area between puppies/savefiles. bittorent- is available for file transfer but puppy doesn't even see fit to use that- not enough users? " and prompted by various closures of "community" "tell us more about how these closures happened? are they being stifled by third parties, lack of interest, other reasons? do you have inks to currently operating 3d worlds that you created? ps: i now have an external portable dvd player but i am not going to tell you:)

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